Agile and DevOps Testing

Predictable, high-quality software delivery through QA automation

Users and customers are demanding improved software solutions at a pace that is equal to many of the cloud services that they are familiar outside their work. This strong desire for frequent updates at increased speed has forced enterprises and software companies to adapt to Agile and DevOps. Many mobile and cloud development platforms (PaaS) makes Agile/DevOps methodology as the preferred way of working.

One of the top DevOps adoption drivers is the need to increase quality, followed by the need to improve the customer experience, reduce complexity, and reduce overall IT costs.

In order for DevOps/Agile to be successful, quality initiatives must be made an integral part of the DevOps/Agile methodology. Specifically, QA roles need to be embedded into the DevOps/Agile team from the get-go; QA automation must be aligned with build/deployment automation.

Go Beyond CI/CD to Continuous Quality Assurance/Automated Testing (CQAT)

Sprint Activities - Overview

Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Delivery(CD) practices strive to make small changes, integrate them frequently and ensure fast feedback. This results in fewer failures and faster recovery from failures. But mature teams go beyond CI/CD, to a Continuous QA through automated testing. Continuous QA and automated testing begin with a comprehensive framework that defines the process, scope, and tools. Trigent has built continuous QA and automated testing framework that works reliably and frictionless within agile/scrum methodology. While the focus is to test the incremental functionality during sprints, investments are made to automate a judicious amount of testing.

Agile/DevOps Testing Coverage

Functional Testing

All features and functions that are accessible to internal & external users, business partners, and customers are covered through functional testing. Our testers gain insights on writing best functional tests through multiple sources, including user stories, help desk or customer support tickets, and feedback from other members of the DevOps team.

API/Service Testing

Applications today are complex and provide API and service endpoints that are often used by other applications such as Mobile Apps, partner integrations, etc to complete a business transaction. Testing these APIs and service endpoints are best achieved through automated scripts. However, these require some level programming skills that may not be available with traditional test engineers. Trigent brings test engineers skilled in multiple scripting languages and with good knowledge of REST, SOAP, XML, Web Services, etc.

Non-Functional Testing

Performance, load and other non-functional tests that cover the entire application stack (code, database, storage, network) are automated, results tracked and compared from one deployment to next. This helps the operations team to be assured of performance levels, but also help the developers to identify and fix performance problems before the deployment.

In general, the mindset of our Agile/DevOps QA engineers is to "build quality in" – to catch defects early and fix them cheaply. This is often achieved by "shifting left", establishing feedback loops closer to early stages of development to ensure predictable, high-quality software delivery.

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