AI based Test Automation

Trigent combines machine learning with analytics, to drive automation and innovation and increase QA efficiencies. Trigent's unique solutions for Artificial intelligence (AI) led QA provide intelligent insights to anticipate, automate and energize decision-making capabilities.

AI based test automation system built through coding, business rules, and self-learning capabilities to supplement human cognition and activities can deliver instant feedback mechanism on software failures. In a DevOps and CI like situation, AI based test automation can effectively help in generating and optimizing test cases, prioritizing testing and automation, enhancing UI testing and reducing tedious analysis.

Our analytics engine, which includes cognitive capabilities powered by smart techniques and insights optimizes testing efforts, and identify areas of improvement to significantly increase software quality and reliability. Test data is the key to building an efficient AI based automation. The inputs to build an intelligent automation would include data/analysis of code/test coverage, test cases traceability and mapping to requirements, test environment and system logs, and historic data.

Trigent's AI & machine learning will aid test automation to significantly improve software quality, significantly reduce level of effort by way of -

  • Defect/Predictive Analysis - predict application areas most prone to defects based on current and historic test data
  • Improve defect discovery - test coverage, prioritisation, risk based approach, manage reusable components efficiently
  • Traceability - mapping defects to software requirements document; identify missing test cases
  • Automated Test Case Generation - Intelligent and automated test case generation by self-learning algorithms for newer defects in the system, saves over 50% in test planning

AI based Test Automation

Trigent's innovation aiding to a faster and efficient test automation, decreasing cycle time on the face of ever-increasing complexities is a key driver to attract and add significant value to our customer's IT.