Automation Testing

Accelerate product release cycles and time-to-market through automation

The Role of Test Automation in DevOps to Accelerate Software Development

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Experience velocity in your software development life cycle by integrating the latest automation tools. Our next-gen automation testing tools swiftly test software applications or products.

Tirgent’s industry-driven expertise is capably equipped to handle new-age technologies such as AI and ML and optimally using them to drive automation efforts.

The benefits of automation testing include an increased speed-to-market of applications, and reduced costs & efforts.

Trigent is very responsive to our requirements. They understand SQA and perform all aspects of the required work in a diligent and responsible manner using the latest automation tools and improvised agile methodologies.

— Director of SQA, Genetic Information Company

Power your next-gen software products through automation.

Types of testing

Smoke Testing

Automated smoke or build verification tests are carried out against recorded smoke tests to ensure the core functionalities in the build are operating as per expectation.

Unit Testing

Ensure the smallest unit of the software program or application is working as intended. Unit test results also help developers to understand the codes used for interface in relation to the system.

Integration Testing

Confidently move forward in the testing and development process through automated integration testing to identify and ensure that every subset of the software works as expected delivering expected results.

Functional Testing

Verify the application or the software product performs and delivers on its intended use through automated functional testing.

Keyword Testing

Test keywords against the functionality they symbolize ensuring the keywords typed by the user exactly correlates to the functionality conceived or planned.

Regression Testing

Stay assured and confident about the changes carried out in the software or application does not adversely impact the performance or any other section of the software product or application through automated regression testing.

Data-Driven Testing

Take advantage of automation to drive data-driven testing to execute test cases for all available data using a single script.

Black Box Testing

Understand the application or software capabilities with a focus on input and output not taking into consideration the inside build of the software or app.

Automation makes continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, seamless.

Testing Maturity Continuum

  • Ad-hoc: This stage of testing is dotted by disparate tools, standalone systems, non-standard technologies, and processes. Each is working in a silo following non-standardized testing procedures and protocols, distinct to their department or domain resulting below quality, non-repeatable results.
  • Standardized: This stage envisages a conducive testing environment creating sync and ensuring standardization across processes, infrastructure, tools, and practices.
  • Agile Optimized: Optimize and implement planned and curated testing efforts to drive sustained quality results in an agile driven software development lifecycle.
  • Next-Gen Testing: Maturity in the testing process, ensuring continuous integration, delivery and deployment (CI/CD) see a complete integration of tools, technologies, processes, and practices for the best-suited testing scenarios across Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML.
  • Testing as a Service: On-demand assessment and implementation of testing as a service, ensures the client is well aware and in control of the set process, timelines, costs, and direction. The client also benefits from the expertise, shared infrastructure, and industry trending latest tools offered by the provider.

Test Automation Tools

  • TestComplete
  • Katalon Studio
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • Robot Framework
  • Cucumber
  • Protractor
  • SilkTest
  • Watir
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