Digital/QA Assurance

Digital/QA assurance

Organizations are transforming how they do business and deliver value to customers by adopting digital technologies and practices. This digital adoption allows them to provide a seamless customer experience across all channels and features. It also integrates business processes across diverse technologies and accelerates the IT life cycle enabling faster time to market.


  • Seamless Omnichannel Interactions
  • Integration across a wide range of technologies
  • Performance
  • Security
  • Recognizing and adapting to customer behavior & sentiment

Our services

Customer experience testing

Customer experience testing

When an application/service is deployed or changed, the customer's perception and experience with the end-to-end process is what makes or breaks the release's success. The customer's journey touches many tricky bits of technology in a digital world, all working together. It is across the multiple channels that the customer opts to interact with the product or service.

Mobile Testing

Mobile testing

A poorly tested application is an invitation to failure as it severely hampers engagement and dents your credibility. Testing is an important threshold in the software development lifecycle. Testing is the penultimate assessment that tests your mobile app's functional and non-functional aspects before it goes live.

Our experienced testers test your mobile app end-to-end through the SDLC process adhering to continuous integration and continuous deployment practices. We ensure to cover the app's complete gamut, be it front-end testing, backend API testing, and security testing. An end-to-end testing practice that makes sure that all critical functionalities behave and respond as expected.

  • Device-level testing
  • Emulator testing
  • Backend API testing
  • Cloud-based device farm testing

Trigent's team of experienced testers is identified to have an escaped defect ratio average better than the industry average, clearly emphasizing the attention to detail and strict adherence to set protocols while carrying out mobile testing.

AI/ML Testing

QA for AI/ML systems

Most companies, including software providers and enterprises, may have extensive experience building, testing, and deploying traditional software systems. However, AI projects are markedly different from conventional software projects in many aspects, especially regarding QA. Effective and efficient testing is critical to making AI systems succeed in your business.

Most AI/ML development does not involve coding the algorithm from scratch whereas, the algorithms are an intrinsic part of the AI/ML libraries available. So the focus of QA is heavily on the training phase of the system. Validation of AI systems involves ensuring that algorithm, training data, hyperparameter configuration data, and metadata work together to produce predictive results.

Trigent can help you apply proven QA processes to your AI systems, from chat-bots to VR to Computer Vision/Image processing in healthcare.

IoT Testing

IoT testing

Industrial, wearable, and consumer connected devices and IoT have been critical for digital transformation and offer new capabilities and benefits. IoT has made significant advancements in several industries, including Automotive, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, and Consumer Electronics. Trigent can help ensure your IoT initiatives succeed and deliver desired business results. We offer a full range of IoT testing services that can handle a wide range of sensors & devices that operate with various communication protocols under usage scenarios in many industry segments.

Big Data Testing

Big data testing

Organizations across the globe are increasingly leveraging Big Data to gain insights on the performance of the business strategy, priorities, and outcomes. Insights gained are driving further innovations in many organizations. Therefore, it is paramount to establish a trustable and agile information and data management practice and process to align with the changing needs of the business.

Trigent’s Big Data testing ensures the availability of clean and reliable data by overcoming the challenges posed by the 5 Vs of Big Data - volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value. Trigent has the capability, expertise, and partner ecosystem to offer end-to-end Big Data Testing from data acquisition testing to data analytics testing.


  • Ensure greater stability by deploying best-in-class processes
  • Test automation strategies reduce time-to-market
  • Assure superior CX seamlessly across multiple channels, platforms, devices
  • Increase in revenues and profits from digital opportunities
  • Cost reduction by leveraging digital assurance accelerators

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