ERP Testing

Mitigate Risk and Realize Healthy Returns on ERP Investments with Trigent’s ERP System Functionality Testing

An ERP system, as the nerve center of an organization, can be a complex web of modules, integrations, configurations, extensions and customizations, which constantly undergo changes with patches and fixes. Testing every change can be daunting, expensive and time-consuming requiring interfacing with legacy and third-party applications. There will also be a large number of users and stakeholders making the whole testing process time critical.

Trigent offers services across the lifecycle of ERP systems, implementations, roll-out, upgrade, support and maintenance. With a proven and successful track record of testing complex ERPs for global enterprises, our results-driven approach ensures higher ROI on investments. Our testing professionals are specialized in ERP packages and their experience combined with domain expertise ensures quality, speed, and cost-effective testing solutions.

Trigent's ERP Testing Services

The Trigent advantage

  • ERP dedicated team of testing experts who use well-tested frameworks suitable for the ERP lifecycle
  • Test automation accelerators and proprietary testing tools
  • Hassle-free execution of critical applications by monitoring routine data structures
  • Testing cross-functional impact of every transaction within all processes – ensuring consistent cross-linkage
  • Unique defect-tracking mechanism ensures defects are not only identified but also tracked and closed

ERP Testing Tools

  • Jira
  • Bugzilla
  • TeamTrack
  • Mantis
  • McCabe CM