Functional Testing

Assured and Stable Software Products That Are an Outcome of Innovative Techniques and Unique Processes Backed by Decades of Experience

A fast-changing competitive landscape has made functional testing a business imperative. Immaterial of the size or state of the project, functional testing is an indispensable requirement to boost efficiencies and deliver faultless applications.

Trigent's functional testing, backed by a perfect combination of techno-functional experts, domain knowledge, and proven test methodologies, ensures software quality by introducing testing, early in the software development life cycle, and staying on after completion of all components of the project.

Trigent's Functional Testing Services

The Trigent advantage

  • Pre-packaged accelerators and testing solutions to ensure accelerated time to market
  • Tools-based methodology to increase availability and reliability of solutions
  • Industry standard best practices and methodologies such as DevOps, Agile, Iterative, Hybrid and QA
  • In-house functional testing solutions to develop automated test cases
  • Defect management and test management using leading open source tools