Integration Testing

Assured High Quality and Seamless Integration - The Outcome of a Disciplined and Optimized Implementation Strategy

As software applications take on added complexity, the chances of individual components behaving strangely increases. This is a result of the complex interdependencies that actually make a software to function. Unexpected problems can arise during integration which can completely disrupt costs and schedules. Also, integration of different systems (legacy platforms, and public and private clouds) with consistency across multiple devices can be extremely challenging in this world of digital transformation.

At Trigent, we identify and solve issues proactively with an entire range of testing techniques, which force hidden issues to the surface. Our precise and rigorous methodology is performed to ensure smooth interoperability between various components in an application to ensure seamless integration. We ensure that applications which perform excellently in isolation, integrate smoothly across platforms to provide a seamless end user experience.

Trigent's Integration Testing Services

The Trigent advantage

  • Following a DevOps methodology, we maximize integration testing results by bringing together developers, testers and the operations team
  • High-quality software as a result of ready-to-use API testing tools, frameworks, accelerators, and methodologies
  • Increased consistency, efficiency, reliability and predictability
  • Reduced lost transactions and complete control and transparency on hardware expenses
  • Reduced defects and time spent in testing eliminating bottlenecks in project schedule