Mobile Testing

Meet the Exponential Growth, High Demand, And Requirement of Advanced Functionality with Innovation and Speed.

Diversity in devices and platforms, compounded by speedy delivery cycles and lack of mature testing tools results in missed deadlines and cost escalation in the mobile application testing space. Network options, device features, OS changes and types of application are the other factors impeding effective testing of mobile applications.

Trigent's mobile application testing strategy is comprehensive, combines both manual and automated testing tools to get your mobile apps to market on time and within budget.

Trigent's Mobile Application Testing Services

Trigent's mobile application testing solution provides

  • Coverage on various real devices available in our Test Lab
  • Testing of real life scenarios including device specific options, Network, Interruptions etc.
  • Use simulators to cover a large pool of devices tested
  • Use of Remote Devices (3rd party service) to ensure adequate coverage & testing on real device
  • Selective automation on devices/simulators

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