Omni-channel User Experience Testing

Consistent user experience, regardless of platform through Digital Assurance QA

With the increasing pace of digital evolution and consumers' steadily increasing expectations, retailers are heavily aligning their digital strategy with their business objectives to successfully fuse the digital and in-store experience.

Consumers expect a high-degree of seamless and consistent experience across channels web, mobile, email, social media, and in-store, not only to yield higher sales, but also retain & enhance their digital footprint to outdo companies with ineffective cross-channel strategies. It becomes essential for consumer-facing companies to understand the customer journey with digital products, and define and test the experience across channels, devices and platforms.

Trigent Omni-Channel User Experience Testing Services

Our digital assurance QA helps enterprises fast track their omni-channel deployments and GTM, create a seamless end-user experience across channels and technology layers, improve conversion rates and realize market potential.

Trigent's end-to-end quality assurance services help you to provide a seamless digital experience through the use of our Device Lab effectively for a variety of functional & non-functional testing. The lab features wide range of devices, platforms, tools, versions of hardware & software to test digital applications across real devices and simulated environments. Additionally, our customers benefit from our read-to-use automation frameworks, reusable testing libraries and proven automation testing and performance testing methodologies.

Trigent's Omni-channel User Experience Testing helps tune your digital applications and customer experience across

  • Functional
    • Manual & automated tests - Functions, interoperability, Application lifecycle, Display management
  • Compatibility
    • Manual & automated tests for platform fragmentation, physical characteristics, and app store
  • Usability
    • User interface testing, user benchmark tests
  • Performance
    • Application performance tests across different platforms, devices, hardware & software versions and combinations
  • Application Security
    • Integrity, Authentication, Authorization

Our experienced QA analysts will equip you with the right test metrics and analysis to prioritise your digital strategy.

Our customers enjoy consistent user experience, regardless of platform.