Outsourced QA

Outsourced QA

In today’s world, digital transformation initiatives help provide personalized and hyper-connected experiences to customers.

Delivering a high-quality experience requires a team that understands your business, transformational journey, and desired business outcomes. A team that is steeped in new-age digital technologies, customer experience best practices, along with nimble and agile development methodologies and quality assurance practices to meet your ever-changing business needs. It should be able to deliver this at a reasonable total cost of ownership.

Trigent, a leader in outsourced software testing services recognized by Clutch, provides a comprehensive QAT outsourcing partnership model. A customer-centric model to achieve your business outcomes by delivering a customized and scalable software testing solution.


Trigent’s team of qualified professionals help you overcome the following challenges :

  • Multi-skilled versatile resource
    Constant need of talent steeped in the domain, QAT best practices, functional & automation practices across a variety of platforms (web, mobile, microservices architecture, AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain, Connected devices)
  • Flexible and scalable model
    Need for additional testers to handle sudden spikes in demand like new releases, new customer onboarding, acquisition, integration with other applications, platforms, or systems; specialized testing requirements for security, performance, accessibility, or in-the-wild testing
  • Time Overlap with the in-house team
    The outsourced software testing team needs to work closely with the in-house teams and provide a 24 x 7 global coverage
  • Accountability
    To offer solutions customized to meet your business demands, the outsourced software testing team needs to work as an integral part of the in-house team
  • Assuring Omni-channel experience
    Given the plethora of browsers, mobile devices, voice-enabled devices across different global locations, assuring an end to end customer experience requires access to a wide variety of resources

What We Deliver

Outsourcing Assessment

Outsourcing Assessment

  • Trigent’s proven methodology defines a customized QA outsourcing strategy that meets your business objectives. It starts with establishing a business case for change, identifying the products, platforms, and applications, along with the services required for the entire duration of the outsourcing engagement.
  • Our recommendations balance the long-term strategic goals and short-term tactical priorities. It provides you with the right shored model or approach to balance business risk, quality, speed, and cost.
  • The outcome is a roadmap to QA outsourcing, including a transition strategy & plan.
Right shored QA team

Right shored QA team

  • Our engagement model builds a right-shored team to provide test program management cover, a team of core and flexible resources, specialized testing services delivered as a shared service, and accountability to specific SLAs and KPIs.
  • The core team is dedicated to the engagement and scales based on your product priorities or integration requirements. They provide both manual (functional testing, customer experience testing across web or mobile) and test automation services.
  • A flexible team provides the capability to take on sudden one-off changes to demand brought on by, say, ERP Integrations, integration with 3rd party software, new customer rollouts, etc.
  • The shared services team provides specialized testing like performance, security, accessibility services that are delivered on-demand, as and when required.
Test Program Management

Test Program Management

  • The outsourced QA team takes complete responsibility for all aspects of testing like API, end-to-end customer experience, test automation, or specialized testing, along with managing the entire test program. At the product, platform, or application level, we implement a comprehensive process that defines the test approaches and strategies suited to that product.
  • The overall software testing engagement is delivered leveraging best practices for processes, standards, tools, templates & frameworks.
  • Provide comprehensive reports on agreed goals and benchmark the performance to business outcomes. The reports cover all aspects related to people management & test management.
  • Provide engagement level reporting of metrics (SLAs and KPIs), resource management, project costing, forecast, including billing and contract management.


  • Access to professional test engineers and test capability pool
  • Experience across domains and multiple skills
  • Global presence with 24x7 availability of testing services
  • Reduce time and effort by leveraging testing accelerators like domain test cases, automation frameworks, AI test analysis tools, and a robust partnership eco-system

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