Testing for Industries

With specialized industry expertise we understand unique industry specific business challenges, and offer customized cost-effective testing solutions

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Testing of healthcare and life sciences applications is unique with a certain workflow that has to be followed. With multiple clients from this industry we know that there are member, claim, finance and finance systems and these systems function uniquely but are also connected. Testing healthcare software requires an in-depth knowledge of the domain, posing challenges in the form of design complexity, diagnosis and patient development. Also, there is the need to conform to various regulatory and safety standards. Our testers are knowledgeable about the various standards such as DICOM, HIPAA. They are aware of the various functionalities, clinical usage and the environment where the software will be used and this gives us a unique advantage.


Trigent provides comprehensive testing services compatible with the constantly transforming retail landscape. With proven strength in reducing the margin for error and mitigating risks our experts are experienced in testing applications in the widest possible end user scenarios. Our knowledge of the retail industry has helped us to develop in-house expertise in RFID, POS device and testing of various applications. Our knowledge of market trends and the retail value chain, along with regulatory framework has helped our clients to adopt better ways for chain management, payment processing, customer service, bookkeeping and multichannel trade through e-commerce.


Educational institutions are reeling under staggering budgets associated with IT and e-learning technologies. Their goal is to offer rich user experiences of the highest quality along with improved content towards retention. Trigent offers expert educational and academic software testing services. Focused on student engagement, improved learning and positive teaching experiences. We have acquired vast experience in test management learning applications designing of collaboration websites, assessment portals, student progress tracking and education API integration. Our team of dedicated in-house domain specialists have strong experience in testing and development of e-learning solutions.


Governments worldwide are going through swift technology transformations from legacy mainframe to web and mobile platforms. This transformation requires stringent testing. In this scenario, there is a growing need for standardizing testing to accelerate the process, mitigate risks and smartly capture test audit documentation for compliance. Trigent’s software testing experts offer efficient, traceable and visible testing services which is compliant and well integrated to ensure high standards of software performance, quality and security.

Automobile and Manufacturing

Technology-led innovation is defining the automotive manufacturing industry and lines between traditional engineering and digital engineering are blurring. Connected, car, clean powertrain technology and next-gen infotainment consoles are broadening the scope of this industry. To curb expenses, manufacturers are focusing on maximizing value from processes. Trigent helps build in quality at the process level through enterprise-wide quality systems, lean methodology and continuous improvement. By automating testing, we integrate and accelerate process testing, recommending the best software and system tools to train for the future.


Salesforce testing requires specialized testing skills and our experts are committed to the Salesforce roadmap, staying ahead of releases and features. Our automation frameworks ensure that we can accelerate writing, executing and maintaining tests. Trigent’s testing experts validate your customized Salesforce in the integration process with other enterprise apps such as Oracle and SAP. We are ahead of the changes that cloud-based apps such as Salesforce come up with, making testing a critical necessity. We ensure that our clients business processes work as designed, every day, across every app and technology.


E-Commerce testing involves high value, risk and performance critical system testing. The repercussions of even a small failure can be costly in terms of lost customer confidence, damaging the overall reputation of the business. We at Trigent have strong expertise in testing payment systems, product pricing, data import, web browser and device compatibility. There are a number of key areas that only experts can take care of and that expertise is based on strong domain knowledge.


Energy & Utilities industry segment understands the value of quality and the importance of software testing. We at Trigent offer software testing spanning early integration to mission critical operations during the transformation of business applications. Trigent’s domain experts are up-to-date with the changing landscape of the E&U segment and the role of software to improve ways of consumption, production and distribution. Our distinct frameworks, ensure wider coverage and test acceleration for our clients.

Media & Entertainment

The media and entertainment industry is undergoing technology transformation and in the last decade or so it has re-invented itself to maximize the advantages of content production and distribution models online along with taking advantage of mobile technology. The industry is also being driven by the insatiable demand of customers and this is only increasing its reliance on technology to cater to customers. However, such frequent advancements in technology can create testing challenges and only those who fully understand this segment can play a role in testing a variety of technologies which are mixing with mainstream software, graphic testing and adherence to stringent performance and non-functional requirements. We at Trigent have acquired expertise in testing all types of devices and platforms in highly agile environments with short delivery cycles.

Fleet Management

Efficient fleet management is difficult and time consuming. To overcome the challenges fleet management companies are opting for software which performs in agile, affordable and efficient ways. However, ensuring that the software performs at its optimal level requires thorough testing at all stages of the software lifecycle. Also, because of the unique nature of this industry and its specific requirements, only those who understand this industry can ensure that the software is flawless. Trigent has worked with some of the leading fleet management companies in the world providing them with software solutions as well as testing services.


The manufacturing industry has undergone dynamic changes brought about by technology innovations such as Cloud, Big Data, IoT and mobility are rewriting the rules of the game and manufacturers worldwide are adopting these technologies for seamless front and back-end operations.

Trigent helps to accelerate productivity and revenues through vigilant testing of supply chains, e-procurement and ERP applications and customer and dealer management software. With our experience in IoT, mobility, analytics and Cloud we help companies to keep closer track of data, increasing supply chain visibility and accountability. With increased access to real-time data and communication, manufacturing companies have recorded continuous, significant cost benefits.