Regression Testing

Eliminate Risk With World-Class Regression Testing Based On Scientific Methods and Innovative Techniques

Enterprise applications go through changes and enhancements frequently. With shorter release cycles, it is critical to ensure that these changes do not interfere or break other unrelated parts of existing applications. Regression testing is a reliable way to ensure that such modifications remain error-free.

Trigent's clients achieve more with less as we provide maximum test coverage with minimum test cases but assuring complete cost control. We achieve this by combining next generation tools and accelerators with leading techniques and practices. Focussing on regression testing from the cost perspective ensures that clients experience significant cost savings as a result of 100% testing in a rapid 'go-live' scenario.

Trigent's Regression Testing Services

The Trigent advantage

  • Gap analysis to identify risk areas with risk-based testing approach to optimize spend
  • Multiple options in regression testing including, successive enhancement and automated packs
  • Effective regression cycles with controlled costs to minimize maintenance expenditure while improving test quality
  • Structured schedule for better processing to minimize risks of defect leakage
  • Systematic approach to evaluating compliance resulting in significant reduction in time-to-market

Regression Testing Tools

  • McCabe TestIQ
  • (Rational) Purify Plus
  • DevPartner Bounds Checker
  • GlowCode
  • jUnit, nUnit, jTestCase