REST API Testing

End-to-end Automation for Performance & Compliance of REST API Testing Services

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are critical business drivers as they propel monetization of a business's core assets by enabling development of new services and extending the reach of existing ones. They help to seamlessly integrate an organization's data and applications ranging from legacy to the cloud to increase performance and power. Thus, ensuring the quality of API's is more than critical in the digital transformation of a business.

Trigent offers comprehensive solutions to address both functional and non-functional requirements in API validation to ensure maximum test coverage, reduce complexity, increase performance with maximum data security. We ensure enduring product quality and customer trust by covering all the bases of potential software failures.

The Trigent advantage

  • Well-structured API test process methodology
  • Expertise in open source and commercial end-to-end API testing frameworks
  • Multi-point validation for every API transaction to achieve near 100 percent test coverage
  • Continuous integration and quality in iterative and agile environment
  • Testing services focussed on minimizing risks and optimizing costs by engaging early in the product development life cycle