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Trigent helps clients gain peace of mind through uncompromising protection thereby safeguarding customer confidence and the company’s brand reputation.

As cyber-attacks grow more aggressive and sophisticated, organizations become more and more vulnerable. These attacks may lead to loss of data and financial loss which put the company’s credibility at stake. Further, inadequate security can lead to loss of clients, litigation expenses and compliance penalties.

Our testing services, spanning different industries, improve the speed of information security and compliance, and ensuring that vulnerabilities are totally eradicated.

Trigent’s wide range of security testing is holistic, comprehensive and well-versed in the new-age technologies, enabling secure and reliable applications that are future-ready.

Trigent sets themselves apart with their level of investment and engagement in projects. The team takes responsibility for the completion of assignments and delivers results in full. They are accessible, responsive, and quickly resolve any issues.

— QA Manager, Tracking Services Company

75% of cyber-attacks are routed through vulnerabilities in application, according to Gartner. Secure your application now.

Types of testing

Vulnerability Assessment

Using the right tools to carry out scanning activities, we scrutinize every security weakness in detail and offer customers actionable reports.

We offer both manual and automated assessments to drive continuous testing that relentlessly detects new vulnerabilities arising from software changes.

Penetration Testing

We scan the lesser-focussed parts of the application, usually not among top priorities, but, whose weakness can result in serious consequences.

We conduct Black Box testing, White Box testing and Grey Box testing to chart a comprehensive report detailing the vulnerable spots. Further, a list of actionable suggestions to remedy the situation are provided to clients.

Security code review

We go back to the basics and test your source code of the application to examine if all the security controls are defined and functioning properly. We offer periodic code audits to look into fresh loopholes with destructive potential.

Infrastructure security audit

As the IT infrastructure is constantly upgraded, we perform a comprehensive audit to ensure there are no chinks in your security layer. A detailed risk and threat assessment of the IT systems are conducted, and a final report comprising actionable recommendations is provided.

Compliance testing

We ensure that your applications satisfy the mandatory list of regulatory checklist, both internal and external. Through a mix of manual and automated assessments, we ensure the application’s conformance and adherence to company-specific, industry and regulatory standards.

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Assessment for Performance & Security

Discovery Assessment entails a two-step process of understanding the current application profile and formulates a comprehensive test plan.


Through a kickoff meeting, we understand the application (via demos) and the relevant business workflow. We support both onsite and offshore models; we can assign our team to visit the client-site and study the requirements in detail.

We then prepare a business requirement document that is sent to the client for review and approval.

Test Plan

We describe the approach and strategy to test the application comprehensively. This involves listing the test cases relevant for the project, tools required, framework building, bug tracking mechanism, collaboration tools, risk, and mitigation assessment, and the related document submission detailing the precise scope of work and the implementation blueprint.

Finally, the roles and responsibilities of the team (both Trigent and the client), are defined and sent for the client’s review and approval. Post-approval, the project is kickstarted.

Security Testing Tools

  • WebSecurify
  • NetSparker
  • Burp Suite

100% threat detection accuracy

0% vulnerability

360° degree protection

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