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Setting up, scaling or transforming your testing organization brings with it the challenges with respect to Agile/DevOps adoption, process & test automation implementation, or even just scaling the capability within the teams. Clients benefit from Trigent’s expertise and hand-in-hand support to move their business ahead.

Our Test Advisory & Consulting helps companies assess their current test maturity and catapult their testing practice to higher stages of maturity. We enable companies to understand and improve their testing focus in terms of people, process, technology, and tools.

We provide analytics-driven insights and recommend data-led transformation initiatives to help companies chart an actionable quality management roadmap. The focus areas primed for improvement are process architecture, infrastructure and network, talent competency, toolset, governance framework, and metrics models.

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Whether it’s setting up, scaling or transforming your testing organization, we help you do it all.


  • Preparing the test outsourcing strategy that suits the company’s current state of testing maturity and its future goals is complex. It requires thorough oversight of engagement models, operational models, transition models, etc.
  • Transitioning to the Agile & DevOps model involves communication and deployment challenges due to differing time-zones among other reasons.
  • Leading program management in a multi-vendor scenario requires a last-mile level of detailing and execution; failure in this leads to time and cost overruns.
  • Achieving stakeholder alignment in a fast-evolving environment requires a vast experience in understanding risks and harmonizing multiple perspectives.

What we do

Test process improvement for agile & devOps

We provide companies with a detailed transition plan to shift towards an Agile and DevOps model. Through our deep-domain expertise, vast experience and skill competency, we can identify the processes that are the right candidates for improvement and promptly execute it.

Release readiness assessment

We help you gauge the content and readiness of the application through a comprehensive assessment. Through continuous monitoring during the entire release cycle and analysis of the quality and context-specific considerations, we help determine its release readiness.

Test automation assessment

Assessing the current test automation maturity of a company, we chart a fast-track automation path and strategy for them. We study the existing automation framework and identify the processes amenable to automation. Carrying readiness and feasibility analysis, we build a roadmap to enhance the automation maturity and formulate the ROI to facilitate management buy-in.

Test program management

We develop a Master Program that details the implementation of test program strategy that complies with the applicable standards, regulations, and guidelines.

We provide the necessary expertise to lead multiple teams through complex processes and scenarios. We further enable companies to effectively manage operations in a multi-vendor environment, because they shape the company’s business outcomes.

Test outsourcing advisory

We help companies navigate throughout the outsourcing journey by providing implementation strategy, transition plan, and post-implementation maintenance services.

We begin by charting a strategy that aligns with the company’s vision and future goals. The transition plan starts with identifying the best-fit vendors and defining the client-vendor relationship. The plan also entails governance, stakeholder alignment, and change management. Post-implementation, we help clients establish a fluid vendor and operations management practice.

No matter which stage of testing maturity your organization is in, we enable you to leap ahead.


  • Improved test coverage due to the use of best tools, processes, and practices.
  • Early risk detection leads to reduced release cycles, thus accelerating the application’s speed-to-market.
  • Enables companies to better focus on core business since it is freed from testing practice.
  • Reduced testing cost due to advanced state of preparedness and execution.

Test advisory services

  • Test Automation Advisory
  • Agile DevOps Advisory
  • Tools & Infra Advisory
  • Test Strategy Consulting
  • Test Transformation Consulting
  • Test Maturity Assessment & Improvement

What differentiates us

  • Best practices across multiple engagements that can be quickly adapted
  • Transparency and visibility to all stakeholders
  • Customer stickiness across all our engagements (over 5 years of services)

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