Test Data Management (TDM)

Improve Test effectiveness by better coverage, quality, faster and secure testing.

Test data management (TDM) has emerged as a critical business enabler for enterprise agility, security, and cost efficiency. Test Data Management, with effective use of sub-setting and synthetic data generation, and the use of masked production data has begun to yield large efficiency gains. TDM enables measurable outcomes such as 30-40% faster releases, 15% fewer software defects, and compliance to data privacy laws and regulations.

Augmenting accurate and adequate Test data is the key to success of the overall testing strategy given the fact managing test data becomes highly challenging due to data sensitivity, heterogeneous data sources and limited availability. Application development/test teams need fast, reliable test data for their projects, but are constrained by the speed, quality, security, and costs of moving data across different environments. Masking sensitive data often adds operational overhead; an end-to-end masking process may prolong test cycles. A lack of production-like data and data volumes can prevent a test team from reproducing the volume required to validate and verify all business flows. And production data seldom contains all the combinations that will lead to rare business scenarios that need to be tested.

Test data management, in compliance to EU GDPR, can get complex and challenging. While there are TDM tools that would ensure masking and encryption of the production data, it's important to have the right data profiling and analysis techniques & processes to address these challenges. Also, the use of synthetic test data can resolve this challenge to an extent.

In the world of DevOps, ultra frequent releases and shrunken timelines necessitates that the QA teams have access to exact data sets throughout the sprints with minimal to no additional effort to manually create test data.

Test Data Management Services

Trigent's TDM Services reduces your test data provisioning, management and cost overheads and ensure data integrity, classification and policy driven masking.

Our TDM ensures a structured engineering approach for an optimal data coverage through well-defined process & controls, manual methods, tools & data analysis techniques to store, augment, share, and reuse test datasets to improve their efficiency in testing.

Trigent's TDM Lifecycle

Trigent's TDM Lifecycle comprehensively covers process & techniques to manage data masking (obfuscation) of sensitive information and synthetic data creation to assure compliance may in the regulatory governed industries as Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare etc.

  • TD Planning
    • TD Analysis
    • TD Design
  • TD Execution
    • TD Prep
    • TD Use
  • TD Maintenance
    • Script Update
    • Data Update

Test Data Management Strategy & Plan

Trigent's TDM is based on the Agile/DevOps testing given the need for continuous testing. This approach ensures an efficient management of data, optimize the test coverage with minimal environment overheads.

Trigent works with clients to jointly arrive at the most suitable Test Data Management Strategy & Plan for execution.

Test Management Tools

  • Team Foundation Server
  • TestLink
  • TestLodge
  • Emma
  • NCover