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Test Data Management

In today’s world of DevOps, Agile, and ever-shrinking timelines for product releases, test coverage must help identify risks early and indicate release readiness. While we can write tests quickly and even automated them fast, one must ensure that they run on a subset of data that mimic real-world scenarios. Achieving this requires careful data selection to ensure its anonymity, accuracy, and integrity across different subsystems. This data should be easy to store, share, and reuse across different test environments. The management of this data is the most overlooked activity and causes considerable deficits in the test coverage that one can achieve.


  • To perform complex and integrated systems testing and end-to-end customer journey testing requires consistent data across these systems
  • Test data taken from production needs to be anonymized to protect customer information
  • Sufficient volume of accurate and consistent test data to fulfill testing requirements
  • Trace test data to test cases and back to the business requirements to ensure the availability of the correct data set for the tests
  • Extract correct and consistent data from different sources and formats
  • Availability of test data to run tests across different environments at speed and scale

Our services

Build an automated data provisioning process to meet your business processes requirements. It ensures that the data comply with regulatory requirements and is available when required across the different test environments.

Trigent’s Test Data Management team of business analysts, data transformation experts, and test automation engineers has the expertise and experience to offer the below services.

Test Data Needs Assessment

Test Data Needs Assessment

As a part of our process, we understand the

  • Software testing process & the environments managed
  • Critical business process flows and how they consume data
  • Test data journey across the databases and the interlinkages between data for each use case
  • Sources and volume of test data for each end to end use case
  • Current process of managing test data (if any) or assess the needs for
    • Subsetting
    • Masking
    • Cloning
    • Business process automation for data generation
    • Other data generation mechanisms in place
    • Cataloging & linking test data to specific tests
    • Data refresh process
Test Data Management

Test Data Management

As a part of our test data management, we

  • Put in place a comprehensive data governance mechanism
  • Build tools and utilities to subset, Mask, Clone data
  • Catalogue & link test data to specific tests
  • Ensure Data refresh process
  • Ensure the safe & secure storage and retrieval of data


We leverage tools like

  • Curiosity
  • IBM Optim
  • GridTools
  • DataMaker
  • QuerySurge

Future TDM Process

Future TDM Process


  • Up to 80% test coverage improvement ensuring quality data
  • Up to 60% reduction in overall test data efforts and 40% reduction in test data size
  • Up to 80% reduction in manual errors through automated data provisioning
  • Up to 70% reduction in data provisioning time and up to 30% reduction in cycle time
  • Business compliant with all legal regulations
  • Scalable to the new environment

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