Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Benefit from a framework of strategic assets, established goals, well-defined processes and multi-disciplined skillsets.

For businesses today, optimizing application quality and performance, improving the alignment between business and IT and increasing QA efficiency is a critical concern. Trigent's Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is a robust framework that enables enterprises to establish strong quality processes. It binds the three strategic assets of a centralized quality organization: people, process and technology, to realize business vision.

Trigent's TCoE Offers

Process Benefits Results
Centralized delivery model Increased agility Respond to new business challenges better, prioritize and allocate your quality team's time effectively.
Defined and refined test processes and tailored test strategies Cost efficiency Typical cost savings is 35% over a 3-year time frame. Transformation initiatives for standardization of processes, tools, test effectiveness and test efficiency.
Industry-proven tools and techniques Optimized application quality and performance Above 97% Defect Removal Efficiency. Reduce risk of failure and leakage of high-severity defects to under 2%. Improved customer experience.
Client-focused communication framework Tighter alignment Align quality effort more tightly with business needs by defining and measuring KPIs. Implementation of early defect detection through requirement inspection and static testing.
Knowledge management for efficient ramp up / ramp down Process improvements in test estimations, automation, test case optimization, and test management. Faster time-to-market: Test times reduce by 30% and test automation levels of 50-70%
Optimized use of resources. Metrics and Service Level Agreement (SLA) – driven governance QA budgets, tools, environments and people Reusable test components developed as part of every project, as a standard practice, leading to 15%-30% savings in subsequent projects

Trigent's Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) Services