Accessibility assurance

Accessibility assurance

Enabling seamless accessibility across mediums for the differently-abled

Expand your market reach by catering to 1 billion differently-abled people with the spending power of $6 trillion. Know how accessible your application is through our free assessment.

Drive inclusion as a priority. Ensure unhindered expansion across audiences with varying abilities by proofing your products for accessibility. Our focus on multiple accessibility tests, for the differently-abled, ensures frictionless experience for the users and powers your application’s growth across the differently-abled community in line with legislation and guidelines.

We especially appreciate Trigent's communication and quick response to technical issues. I have worked with many offshore developers in the past and working with Trigent has been wonderful.

— QA Manager, Tracking Services Company

Enable seamless accessibility overcoming regulatory and compliance challenges.


  • Accessibility Testing usually considered an overhead for the project
  • Limited understanding of country’s Disability Discrimination Acts and how to translate them into testable scenarios
  • Different levels of accessibility requirements for users with different abilities
  • Identifying workflows based on end user usage patterns
  • Running tests across multiple browsers and screen reader combinations

What we do

Accessibility Assurance Approach

Accessibility assurance

  • Design review
  • Gap analysis
  • Test Design
  • Training
  • Strategic Consulting
Compliance testing

Compliance testing (WCAG 2.x)

Run checks to make certain your application is compliant to the prevailing World Content Accessibility Guidelines, aligned to the 4 principles:

  • Perceivable
  • Operable
  • Understandable
  • Robust
PDF remediation

PDF remediation

Enhance the overall accessibility of your product utilizing our expert PDF remediation services, strictly adhering to the techniques for WCAG 2.x. Our remediation efforts are driven by the ability to determine the logical order of content in a PDF document, independently of the content's appearance or layout, through logical structure and Tagged PDF.

Weave in accessibility from the early stages in the SDLC.


  • Meet all the mandatory government guidelines for accessibility for your product across different countries
  • Eliminate cost of a permanent Accessibility Lab through a test-as-a-service model
  • A robust and optimized platform conveniently accessible for people with special needs

Accessibility tools

  • NVDA
  • JAWS
  • WAVE
  • Dynomapper
  • SortSite
  • Accesibility Checker by CKSource

What differentiates us

  • Skilled resources with extensive knowledge about accessibility tools, frameworks and prevailing accessibility regulations across regions.
  • Strict adherence of POUR principles covering set criteria for the different levels as recommended by WCAG 2.x
  • An on demand accessibility testing lab through a test-as-a-service model

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