Test automation

Test automation

Assuring Quality Customer Experiences at every step of your Digital journey through Automation

Trigent’s Test Automaton powers 4X Faster Application for a leading InsurTech company!

Experience velocity in your software development life cycle by integrating the latest automation tools. Our next-gen automation testing tools swiftly test software applications or products.

Trigent’s industry-driven expertise is capably equipped to handle new-age technologies such as AI and ML and optimally using them to drive automation efforts.

The benefits of automation testing include an increased speed-to-market of applications, and reduced costs & efforts.

Trigent is very responsive to our requirements. They understand SQA and perform all aspects of the required work in a diligent and responsible manner using the latest automation tools and improvised agile methodologies.

— Director of SQA, Genetic Information Company

Power your next-gen software products through automation.


  • Shrinking development cycles buoyed by an Agile/DevOps process demands increased test runs and reruns.
  • Delivering quality at scale requires an emphasis on higher sustained test coverage.
  • Points of failures spread across interfaces caused due to application delayering, need validation and are time-consuming.
  • Quality needs to be baked in at the beginning and throughout the CI/CD pipeline (shift left and shift right testing).
  • Integration of automation within the sprint to enable continuous testing
  • Choosing the right automation tools for the right purpose can be daunting.
  • Discovering focus-areas, auto-selecting requisite tests to be run, and conducting failure analysis by leveraging AI.

What we do

Automation assessment

Automation assessment

Before embarking on a cost and resource intensive effort, that automation can be, a thorough evaluation and assessment ensures that maximum value is derived from the effort. Test automation assessment can be carried out for both existing automation processes or for projects that want to introduce automation to the process or framework to:

  • Understand current systems and processes. Evaluate part of the testing process that should be automated.
  • Determine tools that best suit the requirement.
  • Create the right framework that complements the process flow and your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Present strategy, recommendations, and implementation plan.

Our questionnaire can give you an idea of where you stand in your automation journey.

Automation Assessment Questionnaire
Automation as a service

Automation as a service

Drive seamless integration of domains and functionality tools into various automation layers. Ensure increased application availability and infrastructure performance. Effortlessly automate events, processes, tasks, and business functions across all levels: Web, Mobile, and API.

We leverage our AI/ML-enabled open-source automation framework that:

  • Seamlessly integrates with popular test management tools and into your CI/CD pipeline.
  • Provides business language scripting capabilities.
  • Provides AI/ML capabilities to predict failures, determine test cases for execution for each new build.
  • Integrates tightly with many tools, including Selenium, Robotium, Calabash, Karate, etc.

AutoMATE – Test Automation Framework

Numerous successful engagements, helping businesses to automate their testing process have enabled Trigent to develop a proven, robust, and comprehensive test automation framework – AutoMATE.

  • Accelerated script development: Script/test cases development effort reduced up to 60-80% in comparison to traditional test automation approaches. Reduces test scripting complexity.
  • Modular and reusable framework components: Reduced dependency on tool-specific resources. It supports reusable components. Reduces test automation maintenance costs. Allows multi-browser, multi-device testing.
  • Easy test script maintenance: Ease of test execution. Easy to edit and maintain scripts in the long run. Supports multiple scripting languages.
  • Leverages new tech trends: Leverages AI/ML utilities & tools that allow for effective Test Impact analysis and test selection. Integrates with CI/CD tools to enable automated executions.
  • Scheduling and customizable reporting: Send test results to ALM. Integrates with Test Management tools to track your test plans effectively.

Automation makes continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, seamless.

Benefits delivered

Our test automation efforts empowered a US-based genetic information company better serve its users by providing a seamless information flow and uninterrupted transactional activity.

  • Reduced Cycle Time of testing from 10 days for manual effort to 1 day using automated tests
  • Improved coverage for around 80 percent of the requirements
  • Reduced test run times from 16 hours to 3 hours using parallel and distributed execution
  • Reduced test runtime by 95% using API instead of application UI
  • Tests are executed as part of CI/CD for every build to identify any failures quickly

Test automation tools

  • TestComplete
  • Katalon Studio
  • Selenium
  • Appium
  • Telerik Test Studio
  • Robot Framework
  • Cucumber
  • Protractor
  • SilkTest
  • Watir

Our engagement approach


  • Our integrated framework leveraging AI gets you to market two times faster
  • Easy language scripting interface ensures that test cases are written quicker, or even reused from development user-stories
  • Our integrated DevOps methodology ensures we smoothly fit into your offshoring plans

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