Functional testing

Functional testing

Validating and verifying for high-quality CX.

Ensure your application behaves exactly as intended.

The risks of releasing a new product without rigorous quality assurance have greater implications now due to the ever-changing demands of users.

Trigent ensures software application/product quality by providing measures for Reliability, Quality, Usability, and Conformity.

Many clients do not necessarily complain about the poor application functionality. They just move on to the next software development company. Prevent this by working with expert testers who put themselves in customers’ shoes. Our functional testing ensures you provide high-quality customer experience, thus improving your client retention rate.

We ensure that the applications are validated and verified against defined specifications and perform end-to-end customer experience testing.

We especially appreciate Trigent's communication and quick response to technical issues. I have worked with many offshore developers in the past and working with Trigent has been wonderful.

— QA Manager, Tracking Services Company

Ensure service continuity and conformity of your application.


  • Access to the right testers with the requisite domain knowledge and capability.
  • Process management skills that put timelines and risk-based priority in tandem, even as the testing process flows hand-in-hand with development.
  • Deep technology expertise that delivers consistent omnichannel experience, in turn leading to superior customer experience. Hands-on experience with cloud deployment of all kinds is a rarity too.

What we do

End-to-end customer experience testing

End-to-end customer experience testing

We enable businesses to provide a frictionless digital experience to users.

In the connected world today, we increasingly observe that customer engagement channels and touchpoints, and supply chain, etc. are unified. Our comprehensive customer experience testing ensures that not just the features and functionalities are verified, but there is a value-add to this unified experience.

Web/Mobile testing

Web/Mobile testing

We focus extensively on omnichannel deployments, browser compatibility, device compatibility, etc. Our unique approach to web services testing optimizes processes, time and manual (regression) testing efforts.

Mobility is now a new normal for companies. And with a whopping chunk of users increasingly going mobile, we enable businesses to address proper test coverage and user experience besides resolving performance and processing concerns.

API & microservices testing

API & microservices testing

We help clients deliver (APIs & microservices) to their customers and business partners that are reliable, cost-efficient and scalable and are tightly integrated with the core system.

We navigate through the services deployed at different parts of the solution architecture and test at each stage for proper functioning.

We validate application programming interfaces for functionality, reliability, performance, and security, concentrating on the business logic layer of the software architecture.

Trigent is highly experienced with APIs, around modular/service testing across agile/waterfall.

Work with testers who put themselves in users’ shoes, thus ensuring customer delight.


  • Cost-saving due to shift-left approach that facilitates faster defect discovery and resolution
  • By testing in simulated environments that closely resemble real conditions, we ensure the reliability and stability of the applications
  • On-time application/product delivery as we detect ambiguities in the requirements assessment stage itself and our traceability matrix is provisioned for bi-directional tracing
  • Prompt access to decision-influencing data due to comprehensive test metrics including unit testing metrics, process quality metrics, testing productivity metrics etc.
  • Periodical reports with detailed analysis of test progress metrics and actionable insights

Functional testing tools

What differentiates us

  • Best practices across multiple engagements that can be quickly adapted
  • Transparency and visibility to all stakeholders
  • Customer stickiness across all our engagements (over 5 years of services)

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