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Trigent’s qAIzen (AutoMATE) Platform helps you deliver excellent software quality and assurance with unmatched flexibility, scale, and speed through the Next-gen infrastructure, frameworks, solutions, and expertise. Our platform integrates seamlessly into your SDLC and workflows, delivering the best-in-class, unique digital quality for an exceptional connected customer experience consistently. Experience velocity in your software development life cycle by integrating the latest automation tools. Our next-gen automation testing tools swiftly test software applications or products. Our industry-driven expertise effortlessly integrates new-age technologies such as AI and ML, using them optimally to drive automation.

Our expertise on tools with AI capability for offering Automation solutions comprises some key features such as:


Tackle data challenges with automated test data management.

Our Intelligent Automation Services

Test Design Automation

Test Design Automation

Test design accounts for approximately 35% of the testing effort. Improve the efficiency of your testing practice with Trigent’s Test Design Automation Service that integrates with your Agile testing cycles. This enables testers to quickly deliver collaborative test design and risk-based coverage of test cases. It also allows testers to use visual workflows to graphically transcribe the business logic, resulting in the faster auto-generation of test cases and test automation scripts. We organize tests by business flows, keywords, risks, depth of coverage, leveraging the right test data, and generating and integrating test cases into test management tools of your choice (JIRA, Zephy, Test Rail, etc.).

Our services will enable you to quickly take on your documented legacy tests by integrating them with the latest and more efficient tools. Further, we help you generate test automation scripts that can work under different automation tools like Selenium & Cypress. Our services are delivered in an As-A-Service model. Alternatively, you can also leverage our support to train your team, implement their tools, and set up an efficient testing process.

Trigent is excellent at building test design automation that is customized for our business needs and the speed at which they expertly delivers is highly impressive Read Intelligent Automation Case Study →

Test Design Automation Benefits

20% efficiency improvement in the overall test process
Achieve productivity gains of 30% in the creation
Improved responsiveness to functional changes with 50%+ increase in test maintenance efficiency
Better control over test coverage & traceability
Better business alignment with 50% fewer understanding errors
Test Automation As A Service

Test Automation As A Service

Our comprehensive Automation suite, AutoMATE, offers a unified and flawless connected customer experience powered with Agility to your customers for enabling rapid development cycles and your need to respond to the escalating customer demands without compromising on quality. A seamless integration of domains and functionality tools is easily integrated into automation layers customized to your unique requirements. Ensure increased application availability and infrastructure performance with effortless automation of events, processes, tasks, and business functions across all levels be it Web, Mobile, or API using cutting-edge AI/ML utilities.

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Test Automation As A Service Benefits

Improved Testing efficiency: Use of automated tests takes up significantly less time
Higher overall test coverage: Our test coverage can test more features in order to provide you with higher quality in terms of application performance
Early defect detection: Comprehensive defect management reports to counter bugs and issues at early stages itself
Reduced business expenses: Eliminate unnecessary capital expenditure,lower project complexity and budget overruns
Faster time-to-market: Achieve faster time-to-market for your products
Test Data Management

Test Data Management

We help you identify risks early and indicate release readiness in today’s world of DevOps, Agile, and ever-shrinking timelines for product releases and test coverage. Build an automated data provisioning process to meet your business processes requirements that ensures data compliance with all regulatory requirements and is available when required across the different test environments. Our Test Data Management team of business analysts, data transformation experts, and test automation engineers build an automated data provisioning process with a prime goal to deliver the best connected customer experience to your customers.

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QA expertise and strong decision making capabilities have been the hallmark of our association with Trigent
— Management Tech Business
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Test Data Management Benefits

Test coverage and Quality: Up to 80% test coverage improvement ensuring quality data
Reduced efforts: Up to 60% reduction in overall test data efforts and 40% reduction in test data size
Reduced Manual errors: Up to 80% reduction in manual errors through automated data provisioning
Reduced cycle time: Up to 70% reduction in data provisioning time and up to 30% reduction in cycle time
Compliance and regulation: Business compliant with all legal regulations
Improved scalability: Scalable to the new environments
qAIzen Framework

qAIzen Framework

Automate your test processes successfully to develop a proven, robust, and comprehensive test automation framework - qAIZen. Our accelerated script development capability reduces test scripting complexity by 60-80% and to maintain in comparison to traditional test automation approaches. Experience a new level of automation that is omnichannel with modular and reusable components leading to a cost-effective solution for an exceptional connected customer experience. Leverage AI/ML utilities and tools that allow Test Impact Analysis and test selection that integrate with CI/CD tools to enable automated executions.

Trigent is excellent at implementing the new technologies in an agile and effective manner. The speed at which they’re able to understand the product is impressive.
— Insurance Software Company
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qAIzen Framework Benefits

Improved test coverage: Ensures 80% test coverage using end-to-end automation testing frameworks
Lowered Testing Cycles: Comprehensive defect management reports to counter bugs and issues at early stages itself
Reduced Risk: Cover all risks with our intelligent automation frameworks
Improved Release Readiness: Experience higher test performance over manual testing
Reduced Maintenance Costs: Cost-optimized the maintenance-related expenses
Faster Time To Market: Reduce delivery time with continuous execution of automated test scripts

Customer Success Stories

The New England Center for Children

80% test coverage, over 70% reduction in test cycle time & 60% less test data efforts. Want this for your business?

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