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Performance testing & engineering

Peak application performance alongside speed, scalability and stability

Preempt negative business impact by poor app performance by testing. Start with free assessment.

Trigent's performance testing services help our clients measure the performance of their applications under real-world and anticipated conditions leveraging its domain expertise in testing new-age applications powered by disruptive technologies.

Disruption or delay in the functioning of an application not just causes revenue loss but also hurts the company's brand and credibility. Trigent ensures that your application is responsive and reliable for on-demand availability.

We wanted a trusted partner to help achieve business goals and we are glad that we selected Trigent as they have the skilled resources with excellent knowledge and a positive attitude. The team was flexible, understood our complex requirements, and presented an excellent approach. They have set us on the path to achieve our business objectives.

— QA Manager - A leading fleet management company

Test before you leap because failure is not an option. Evaluate how your application performs under load.


  • Availability of a comprehensive test environment or test lab that replicates the production environment consisting of a wide variety of devices, best-suited tools, robust automation framework, and ready to execute industry-specific test cases
  • The selection of performance testing tools can be a tedious and expensive process owing to the licensing costs, the hardware requirements concerning server capacity, network bandwidth, and omnichannel technology capabilities
  • Analyzing massive data sets and identifying and preparing the correct data for a test can be daunting & time-consuming
  • Creating collaborative sync between testers, developers, and stakeholders
  • Ever-changing and increasing demand for higher standards of performance from end-users

What we do

There is a thin line between success and failure of products, heavily dependent on the performance of the product. A great product can also fail if the performance is not aligned to the stakeholder’s expectations or the end user’s need. Ensure that your product is primed to stay stable, delivering an optimized experience under varying scenarios through:

Load & volume testing

Load & volume testing

Providing a seamless user experience is paramount and ensures that it does not get impacted due to load or volume fluctuations. Our strategically planned and implemented load and volume tests align with your business requirements. We test applications under conditions that replicate the real environment ensuring your product is optimized to remain stable and capable of handling vast volumes of data or users. Our apt utilization of automation tools simulates high user volumes and spikes in usage affirms your product is market-ready for varying demands.

Load tests identify and remove bottlenecks to ensure the layers of software, infrastructure, and integrations that make up modern applications work cohesively to ensure the application performs optimally. Our load testing expertise extends across some trusted tools such as JMeter, LoadRunner, Web load, NeoLoad, and many more. It ensures that aspects related to Capacity & Infrastructure usage (e.g., CPU Utilization, Memory Usage, Disk Usage) and application response times at different load conditions are tracked & reported.

Huge volumes of data get exchanged between applications in the digital age. Applications have to be built and tested to ensure that they can handle enormous data exchange. Volume tests ensure that the below conditions are met;

  • Test to confirm there is no loss of data during the process
  • Verify the systems response time
  • Check if data is stored in the current location
  • Cross verify the data is overwritten without any warning or notification
  • Gauge the impact of high volumes of data on the processing system or app
  • Evaluate if the system has the desired memory resource or not
  • Run a volume test for the entire system
Performance re-engineering

Performance re-engineering

Re-engineer the performance of your products to suit the changing environment and demands better. Utilize the power of modern information technology to re-envision business processes that drive and deliver enhanced performance. Get insights from an architectural and design perspective.

Our expertise can help you cover the complete gamut of application performance, from testing to engineering. Performance engineering is more than just testing and involves understanding how the different parts of the system fit together. It also requires knowing what metrics matter and engraving performance from the first design.

Our approach to performance engineering encompasses defined practices, processes, and methodologies. We apply the same to the software development cycle to enable an application or system to deliver non-functional requirements.

Our project engineering practices enable teams to deliver fast, efficient and responsive systems that can seamlessly cater to a large audience. Our distinctive and watchful implementation of performance engineering principles helps businesses to please customers, support employees, and increase revenues.

Performance engineering leverages performance testing (Load/Volume/Stress) to understand capacity & application performance bottlenecks and pinpoint areas of improvement.

Application availability testing

Application availability testing

Ensure your product is accessible and available to the user at any given time. Validate your application's ability to deliver under sustained load conditions and performance against stated uptime parameters.

Partner with the best to address peak load issues, complaints on response time, inability to scale, frequent downtime due to high user activity, higher user failure. Assess your apps performance now.


Our dedicated focus on performance testing backed by state of the art testing labs ensures that the software product has been tested against the real environment consisting of multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems.

Benefits of our performance testing service include:

  • Cost-saving due to shift-left approach that facilitates faster defect discovery and resolution
  • Insight into architectural issues
  • Increased testing throughput
  • Overcome software latency to improve speed
  • Optimize memory for system performance

Performance testing tools

Our engagement approach


What differentiates us

  • Best practices across multiple engagements that can be quickly adapted
  • Transparency and visibility to all stakeholders
  • Customer stickiness across all our engagements (over 5 years of services)

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