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Re-think your approach to quality assurance with our comprehensive and scalable testing services as we help enterprises stay future-ready. Our continuous testing strategy enables you to accelerate and prioritize testing to equip you to meet the needs of fast-paced Agile and DevOps initiatives. Test faster, smarter and risk-free with our Enterprise testing suite to deliver a cohesive connected experience to your customers.

Maximize your information system investments with the right testing strategy.

Our Enterprise Testing Services

Salesforce Testing

Salesforce Testing

Leverage our comprehensive life cycle testing that includes Functional, Integration and Automation Testing services to help organizations implementing Salesforce.com or building Force.com applications. With our strong experience in implementing purpose-built Salesforce solutions across multiple industry verticals has a dedicated Salesforce Testing Practice led by certified professionals. Our forte lies in rapid Test automation, end to end customer experience testing, performance engineering, and security testing. Achieve increased speed and efficiency, improved test coverage, and speed to market with our NextGen testing expertise.

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Trigent’s knowledgeable analysts crafted a complicated test build and offered great value. In our engagement with the Trigent team, we had a forthcoming business engagement and ultimately delivered a better product.

Salesforce Testing Benefits

Improved test Accelerators: Achieve Improved productivity with out-of-the-box Salesforce Testing Accelerators that include predefined test cases, automation frameworks, automation scripts
Reduced cycle time: Up to 50% reduction in Salesforce testing effort
Improved quality: Risk-based testing approaches improves overall quality
Improved coverage: Reduces defects by 80%
ERP Testing

ERP Testing

Maximize the value of your IT infrastructure, while mitigating key risks related to quality assurance improving quality, velocity and reducing cost and barriers. Our expertise enables you across end-to-end testing, development and process challenges with various engagement models built in for an unmatched connected customer experience. Accelerating your plans for cloud migration, DevOps transformation, and enterprise application modernization with our cutting-edge comprehensive testing suite. We help you strike a fine balance between innovation and risk mitigation, be it to adopt new technologies, incrementally modernizing legacy systems, or both, leveraging automated testing to work seamlessly across multiple applications, architectures, and interfaces.

ERP Testing Benefits

Created for your specific business requirements: Test automation ensures that the main focus of ERP upgrades and implementation is to reach predefined business requirements
Reduced cost and time: Test Automation in ERP helps address major business challenges of sluggish routine processes due to delay caused by manual testing and ensuring accuracy. Speeding up routine processes reduces time and cost, thereby improving revenue and creating a better ROI.
Compatible and scalable: It will be easier to handle with test automation when new modules are added with ERP upgrades. New features and functions delivered that make the application more efficient and provide better functionality.

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