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A cohesive, connected customer experience that will delight your customers is achievable only with the integration of next-gen technologies like AI, Big Data, Robotic Process Automation. Leverage these technologies with a confident adoption fostered through relevance to achieve your key business objectives using our solutions. You can now lean into our comprehensive quality assurance and software testing solutions that help with agile development, adding more value to your digitization efforts.

Ensure seamless functionality and performance for your intelligent products.

Our Next-Gen Technology Testing Services

IoT Testing

IoT Testing

Hi-tech, wearable, and consumer-connected devices and IoT have been critical for digital transformation, offering new possibilities and advantages. IoT has made significant advancements in several industries, including Automotive, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare, Industrial, Retail, and Consumer Electronics. Trigent ensures that your IoT initiatives succeed and deliver desired business results. We offer a full range of IoT testing services that can handle a wide range of sensors & devices that operate with various communication protocols under usage scenarios in many industry segments.

Our IoT testing services will help your business stay compliant, find vulnerabilities, and reduce costs. Our IoT testing services utilize a judicial mix of real devices and simulators to test applications, platforms, and data for various use cases.

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IoT Testing Benefits

Comprehensive Testing of Various Connectivity Scenarios: Ensures accurate results before market launch
Improved Test Coverage: ~80% test coverage improvement
Better ROI: Accelerate your production deployments
Detecting Anomalies faster
AI/ML Testing

AI/ML Testing

Artificial Intelligence systems that include Machine Language, Predictive & Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and much more, are getting more prevalent. Organizations need to have a reliable testing strategy & approach to scale the business outcomes. Testing AI/ML-based systems are much more complex than traditional software, given their non-deterministic outcomes, lack of adequate training data sets, possible introduction of bias, the need to be secure and retain privacy, and the need for every decision to be explainable.

Trigent’s integrated approach to AI assurance, covers risks that may be introduced by the technology adoption, the data (integrity, sufficiency, bias), regulatory, model behaviour, and privacy, security & ethical risks.

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AI/ML Testing Benefits

Deploy faster and with confidence
Test In Controlled Lab Conditions
Assured Performance, Security, Accuracy
Blockchain Testing

Blockchain Testing

We leverage blockchain technology to build innovative applications, driving profound, positive changes across enterprises, communities, and society. Using blockchain, enterprises can supercharge disruptive technologies such as AI and IoT to manage supply chains securely. We offer a host of technology testing solutions that complement or combine with blockchain to amplify its value to deliver a seamless connected customer experience. We enable enterprises to build and utilize blockchain technology and infrastructure securely. This new-age technology promises a great future and multiple opportunities in parallel in Software Testing and Quality Assurance for Blockchain applications.

Our blockchain and security experts test your enterprises’ entire blockchain environment or only blockchain’s technical elements. Successful testing in this context comprises validating web and mobile applications that interact with APIs, blockchain technology aspects, public key infrastructure(PKI), configuration, user certificates, and networks.

Blockchain Testing Benefits

Accountability of transactions: Traceability and cost management assured
Data Accuracy and error avoidance
Smart Validation techniques
Authentication and access management
Threat Protection ensuring consensus-based access for modification

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