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Quality encompasses a whole gamut of entities, but some are sheer essentials and collaborate with us to know the never-miss testing areas and the strategy to implement them. Our comprehensive test application performance at optimal loads, measure, validate, and verify operational capabilities to assure your customers a unique connected experience. Experience the best-in-class quality assurance (QA) services with our Essential Testing Suite, which comprises widespread applications such as client-server, web, distributed, mobile, cloud databases, high-volume transaction systems, and highly complex applications.

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Our Essentials Testing Services

Performance Testing

Performance Testing

We help our clients measure the performance of their applications under real-world and anticipated conditions leveraging our domain expertise in testing new-age applications powered by disruptive technologies. Disruption or delay in the functioning of an application causes revenue loss and hurts your enterprise's brand and credibility. We ensure that your application is responsive and reliable for on-demand availability to create collaborative sync between testers, developers, and stakeholders. Collaborate with us to provide the best customer experience in the world of ever-changing and increasing demand for improved performance from your end-users.

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I’m impressed by Trigent’s commitment. The team consistently satisfies engagement objectives, which results in a long-term partnership. Their dedication and willingness to exceed expectations in meeting targets ensure productive collaboration.
— Newforma Inc.
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Performance Testing Benefits

Advanced Performance testing: Our dedicated focus on performance testing backed by state of the art testing labs ensures that the software product has been tested against the real environment consisting of multiple devices, platforms, and operating systems.
Cost-saving: Shift-left approach facilitates faster defect discovery and resolution
Insight into architectural issues
Increased testing throughput
Overcome software latency to improve speed
Optimize memory for system performance
Security Testing

Security Testing

Outsmart cyber-attacks with our end-to-end software testing security services that benchmark your software code for increased quality assurance. Our security testing services proactively and efficiently curtail vulnerabilities spanning different industries in line with prevailing compliance standards. Our wide range of security testing is holistic, comprehensive, and well-versed with new-age technologies, enabling secure and reliable applications that are future-ready to deliver a connected customer experience.

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The Trigent Software team featured impressive and fastidious resources that produced deliverables of exceptional quality.
— Armorblox
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Security Testing Benefits

Comprehensive threat assessment: Assessments done across infrastructure, platforms, operating systems, considering present and future threats
Robust and scalable product: Our testing methodologies can fortify your product into a robust, scalable and stable one capable of withstanding multiple threats
Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

Deliver exceptional for everyone by building and validating inclusive, connected experiences with our expert-led accessibility assessments and community-driven testing. We drive inclusion as a priority, with our key focus on multiple accessibility tests. Launch a seamless experience for the users that powers your application’s growth and performance accuracy while improving its usability and efficiency. Our proactive approach to digital accessibility with proven testing and training modules led by experts enables your enterprise to identify flaws in the digital experience journey, resolve issues quickly and integrate best practices into regular operations.

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Accessibility Testing Benefits

Improved Customer Experience
Secure Experiences
Maintain privacy and confidentiality
Improve responsiveness
Increase market share with accessibility features

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