Engagement Models

Global Engagement Models

Trigent leverages its global spread, cutting-edge assets and expertise, new-age processes and practices, and a diverse and deep pool of talent to deliver superior business value to its customers. Our culture of responsibility impels us to enable customers to overcome limits in their business.

Our deep expertise in technology and business helps us drive predictability in tandem with productivity and precision. We leverage our know-how of the new-age processes, practices, metrics, models, and analytics to enable our clients to achieve higher performance levels.


  • Reduced risk
  • Around–the–clock productivity
  • Faster turn around
  • Significant cost benefits
  • Access to best practices

Managed Services

Trigent’s Managed Services offering builds a test strategy that meets your unique business needs. We build unique solutions to cater to the needs of different industries and diverse technology and tools landscape in an organization.

The model involves contractual, service-level agreement and KPIs that states and delivers the performance and quality metrics that helps achieve your business goals. This model gives you the same flexibility, control, and continuity as your in-house development operation, but with the cost, quality, and schedule advantage of an offshore software provider.

Outsourced QA

The time and Material model under Outsourced QA is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverables, and implementation plans are not entirely clear or defined at the very beginning or are expected to evolve throughout the engagement. It provides the clients with the desired flexibility to manage team sizes and costs as the project progresses in phases.

This Outsourced QA model enables you to ramp up or down team size as per the project and release schedules. It helps you adapt to evolving requirements and get sharp visibility over the development process.

The Fixed-fee model best suits the projects where the scope, requirements, and deliverables are clearly defined before initiating the project. Using this model, you will:

  • Limit scope variance, control costs, and operate within a specified budget
  • Get clear visibility on timelines and milestones
  • Reduce your risk and have us responsible for the project deliverable
  • Expect on time on budget deliveries

Testing As-a-Service

Our Testing-As-a-Service suite enables you with this unique solution in testing that reduces the enterprise risk associated with high costs and is a more effective way to test software applications. Our offering provides the on-demand testing capability for a connected customer experience in an ever-evolving IT landscape. We achieve exceptional automated business processes, standard quality, infrastructure, and scalability with reduced cost with our comprehensive TaaS engagement model.

Our Testing As a Service model helps you with:

  • Outcome-based delivery model
  • A process-driven approaches
  • Minimizes business risks
  • Greater time-to-market

Crowd Testing

If you are looking to get testing done in the wild by a set of users who fit as close to your chosen demographic profile, and across a wide variety of devices, across a comprehensive set of nationalities, our crowd testing services are for you.

Trigent’s Crowd testing service allows you to

  • Test across multiple platforms (a wide range of devices) in the hands of ‘actual’ users
  • Test across a wide range of demographics/user profiles
  • Test with users local to particular geography in a local language

Trigent’s service works whether you are testing mobile apps, SaaS, native desktop applications, or websites at various development stages.

Trigent leverages the power of the crowd from its large pool of testers, across a wide range of age groups, from different geographical locations, conversant with multiple languages, with various devices, and trained on spotting issues with customer experience.

This ‘crowd’ enables identifying issues at different stages of the development lifecycle - either early to ensure any biases or assumptions are caught or towards the release point, as a soft launch, where early feedback can be sought.

The on-demand service allows tests to be run in parallel, with different ‘groups’ focused on different aspects of the product, if need be, thus delivering efficiency in the test runs.

All of this is backed by Trigent’s oversight in test planning and strategy, test scenarios definition, monitoring execution and results, and oversight and reporting.