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Why Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the most scalable and customizable CRMs available on the market today. What makes Salesforce unique is how it addresses the pain point of information shareability within the business securely and systematically. This critical factor led to its popularity among businesses and customers.

Salesforce helps businesses manage CRM by breaking down silos between company departments and customers. Once implemented, Salesforce can provide the company employees with a holistic view of their customers and how they interact with the brand, anywhere on any device like an integrated platform.

Another unique feature of Salesforce is that it allows personalization in interactions with customers, resulting in long-lasting relationships that build a connected brand journey for the customers.

Trigent has solid experience in implementing and integrating Salesforce that can help organizations of all shapes and sizes benefit from personalized experiences and value.

Business Benefits

  • Salesforce helps achieve efficiency across the organization
  • Salesforce accelerates data and system integration
  • Salesforce can build a single source of truth/data
  • Salesforce helps achieve higher ROI with unified customer data and analytics
25+ Years in IT Industry
100+ Certified and skilled professionals
2x Faster client on-boarding time
80% Increase in customer experience score

Deliver a connected customer experience with Salesforce

With Salesforce integration, you can accelerate your digital transformation and deliver a personalized, seamless customer experience to become a digital-first organization. A good CRM like Salesforce will help you keep all the information in one place and access it anytime, anywhere.

No matter where you are on your Salesforce journey - planning, implementing, automating complex business processes, salesforce data migration, or salesforce integration - we can help. We help clients translate Salesforce investment into quality deployment and timely project implementation where they will be able to:

  • Automate workflows for serving customers better
  • Gather insights of customer interactions and engagements
  • Scale up customer experience and measure business growth

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Custom application development

Salesforce Application Development

Our Salesforce Development Team can help you improve sales, marketing, and customer-driven processes by developing tailor-made, lighting-ready customized apps unique to your business. Trigent has designed Salesforce application development services to cater to specific needs that Salesforce CRM cannot address. We leverage agile principles for salesforce development, focus on fast releases, validate iterations and deliver continuous improvements for a reliable and bug-free application.

Our Salesforce Application Development offerings:

  • App Development – Build standalone apps for Salesforce, upgrade existing solutions, migrate existing applications to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Customization – Customize and modify Salesforce applications based on Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, App Cloud.
  • Salesforce Mobile App Development – Development of customized Salesforce mobile applications to meet customer needs.

Our Salesforce Application development approach:

Quality focussed development:
Our quality management practices are built to deliver the best-in-class user experience. We employ rigorous code reviews and testing methodologies to help you achieve the intended experience from the application.
Continuous improvement and support:
We develop and deliver applications for any niche business needs quickly. This approach enables us to address clients’ needs as fast as possible. Customers can start using the application, and we perform continuous improvements in terms of features based on client needs and customer feedback.
Time Bound Processes:
Our Salesforce practices ensure time bound delivery, managing time to develop the application and budget in the background. This helps us deliver applications in due time maintaining critical quality parameters without cost creep.

Our certified Salesforce experts can help you with

Lightning web components Apex development Visualforce Heroku AppExchange REST API SOAP API Reactjs Angular Vue Ember Backbone

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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Our Salesforce experts have years of experience in Salesforce integration that use complex tools and systems. We can help you create an integration strategy that works, and set clear guidelines for projects that are based on:

  • Direct integration: This approach uses an API or direct database integration between your systems and Salesforce. This method supports reliable data exchange between the systems but has limited flexibility and points of integration.
  • Solutions on integration server: This approach provides flexibility in terms of integration. Organizations in the small to mid range and large organizations with many systems can adopt this approach as it provides more control over data flows hosted on cloud, on premises or Enterprise Service bus models.

Whether it is ERP, financial, marketing automation, or other technologies, we can help you deal with the Salesforce integration tasks to enhance processes. We also cover various integrations related to security, user interface, business logic and big data, both in the cloud and on-premise. With a robust data and Salesforce integration strategy you’ll have a 360 degree view of your salesforce application development along with features that it can be enhanced with, maximizing your ROI.

Our Salesforce Integration offerings:

  • Salesforce integration with legacy/3rd party applications
  • Unstructured data integration
  • APEX Web services
  • “Generate from WSDL” platform service
  • Middleware for integration
  • Extensive integration testing
  • Salesforce standard APIs
  • Integration with different back-end systems and mobile platforms
Salesforce Data Migration

Salesforce Data Migration

Getting all your data from your existing CRM to Salesforce may not be that easy and it is time-consuming. Many companies face this dilemma as their data could be spread across environments. There could be hundreds and thousands of pieces of sensitive customer data or legacy information stored in servers. Migrating this to a new system could be a daunting task as metadata relationships need to be preserved, and it should adhere to regulatory requirements.

Our Salesforce data migration can provide solutions to the challenges mentioned above. Our services begin with end-to-end assessments of the requirements, a thorough understanding of the infrastructure of existing CRM, identifying the functionality gaps in the procedure, and recommending applications to address the flaws. We use the most effective tools to extract, transform and load (ETL) your business-critical data in salesforce data migration, thereby reducing exposure to risk, redundancies, and inaccuracies. We conduct quality assurance tests to ensure that data migration is without defects.

Our Salesforce Data Migration approach:

Streamlining data storage:
Our Salesforce data migration practices ensure proper data storage adhering to security and regulatory policies. Your team can access data and information from particular storage locations, saving effort and time.
Data Governance:
Our Salesforce data migration practices ensure data quality, accuracy, and reliability. This is the primary step we take in this effort to maintain the quality of data while mapping out information silos from multiple environments in your organization.
Better Insights:
Our Salesforce data migration practices can help you make informed decisions. With quality assurance and data governance in place, your team will have faster access to data and more time to interpret insights from them.

Our Salesforce Offerings:

  • Data extraction & data deduplication
  • Data Migration Testing
  • Interface development for CRM/apps
Salesforce Testing

Salesforce Testing

Businesses worldwide use Salesforce for their CRM, and it has its challenges - real-time integration with other applications, incomplete requirements, data mapping, migrations and validations, and duplicate records. Salesforce is usually customized to meet business requirements and beat earlier challenges, but challenges don't end here. Salesforce testing practitioners need to ensure customization does not affect or alter the features or functionality of the app, and necessary testing is done to ensure that applications run smoothly.

Our extensive experience implementing purpose-built Salesforce solutions across multiple industry verticals as a dedicated Salesforce Testing Practice led by certified professionals suits companies with small integration projects and large companies alike.

Our forte lies in rapid Test automation, end to end customer experience testing, performance engineering, and security testing.

Our Salesforce test offerings:

  • Salesforce implementation strategy definition
  • Salesforce test data & environment management
  • Role-based end to end testing for new implementation rollout & upgrades
  • SFDC instance consolidation /optimization
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