Upgrade & Migration Consulting

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Upgrade or Migration is a major challenge for organizations who have invested in SharePoint extensively. Each new edition of SharePoint provides new features which has potential to improve your business case. Having built several applications and customized SharePoint as per each business need, it becomes imperative to migrate these functionalities to the future platform. Not to mention the effort, risk and cost involved.

The complexity is even higher when you want to migrate from existing solution platform to SharePoint. Trigent has helped several clients migrate their SharePoint environment from one version to the next and from on-premise to hosted model or Office 365.

Trigent's Upgrade and Migration consulting helps organizations build a systematic, time tested migration strategy and plan. Having successfully delivered 100+ projects, we bring all the experience, learning's and best practices to ensure smooth & successful transition.

Pre Upgrade Assessment

This phase aims at understanding your existing SharePoint environment including the applications, documents, workflows, reports, data, etc. to be migrated. The Pre upgrade analysis will help us identify the risks that need to be handled for successful execution of the project. During the assessment phase, if any changes are needed in the implemented Information Architecture, the same is evaluated.

  • To be information architecture
  • Current environment assessment
  • Infrastructure analysis
  • GAP-Analysis

Key Deliverables

  • Information Architecture
  • Solution High level design
  • Effort and schedule approximation

Pre Migration Assessment

Primary focus is to identify the functionality available in the existing application, classify them based on usage and design the same functionality in SharePoint. During this phase, the existing application is thoroughly reviewed for possible enhancements that add value to the respective business solution and is considered in the new SharePoint design. The migration project can range from simple migration of content from file system or can be as complex as recreating the functionality of an existing ageing solution.

  • Business objectives & Critical success factors
  • Information architecture for SharePoint solution
  • Current application assessment
  • Solution High level design

Approach & Roadmap

Based on findings during the assessment phase, we will create a detailed Upgrade/Migration plan. We will also provide a recommendation if certain applications need to be rebuilt or enhanced to best utilize capabilities of the future platform.

  • Migration approach & methodology
  • Risk identification and mitigation plan
  • Effort and schedule approximation
  • Upgrade/Migration plan