SharePoint Solutions

Build Intranet, Customer Portals, Vendor Portals on the same platform. Reduce development time utilizing inherent features.

Intranet & Extranet Portals

There are many platforms available in the market that provide web content management features, then again SharePoint combines some of the most essential features together, making it a strong contender. SharePoint is widely used to create business portals such as Intranet, Customer Portals, Vendor Portals, Internet public sites, Event related sites etc. Ability to quickly configure critical features such as user authentication, user authorization, content approval and taxonomy reduces the overall development effort. Along with this, the availability of ready to use web-parts (calendars, announcements, discussion boards, query web-parts etc.) further reduces the time and effort to build portals.

  • Branding – Branding in SharePoint doesn't require any specialized SharePoint knowledge and is implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • WYSIWYG Editing – Editor allows the user to copy-paste content from other sources. Familiar Office ribbon control provides context based menu options, making it easier to edit content
  • Connectors – Ability to natively connect to other systems allows administrators to easy pull content from other sources and display it in portal
  • OOTB Approval workflows – SharePoint provides content approval workflows that can help in implementing process to edit content in portals
  • Device Channels – SharePoint supports targeting different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and set-top boxes by using different designs that target different devices
  • Security – access to content is regulated by user groups or by defining audience set making it easy to manage access

Trigent's Intranet & Extranet Portals


  • Build internet, intranet, extranet portal on the same platform
  • WYSIWYG editor for content management
  • Office familiar features
  • Multi device support
  • Security based access to read and edit content