Collaboration Management

Collaborate to achieve business goals – Connect People, Share Knowledge, Encourage Collaboration.

SharePoint supports most of the commonly used functions in social computing and collaboration, which facilitates connecting people, managing knowledge, sharing information and encouraging collaboration.

The key to any successful collaboration platform is through its Information Architecture. SharePoint provides all the ingredients starting from co-authoring, workflows, discussion boards, blogs and wikis which help in information capture as well knowledge sharing and collaboration.

For effective collaboration, organization should facilitate communication and connect people who share common goals to work and think together. SharePoint allows organizations to build efficient directory services where users can search for other employees based on parameters such as name, email ID, skill set, location etc. Employees can maintain their profile and broadcast their information to a larger audience. SharePoint also allows building community site based on skillset, knowledge area or preference.

SharePoint also provides sophisticated functionalities for project collaboration e.g. task tracker, issue tracker, risk register, document repository, task assignment etc. Along with it, visualization features such as Gantt chart and time-line bar helps is better comprehension of dependencies and progress. SharePoint's ability to integrate with Microsoft team foundation server and Microsoft Project server provides additional features to manage your project efficiently.

All these features packaged together and implemented after thorough planning enhances the overall productivity of disparate work force. A well-implemented enterprise search can crawl and index information to create a very strong enterprise knowledge repository. SharePoint support responsive design, which helps even connect mobile workforce with the mainstream information platform.


  • Information Capture
  • Channel collaboration
  • Better Knowledge transfer
  • Content Notifications
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Project Collaboration