Enterprise Integration Solutions

Leverage Business Connectivity services for seamless integration with external systems.

Business Connectivity Services facilitates integrating SharePoint with external systems. Through BCS, content from other applications can be read and written back to seamlessly. BCS can connect to web services, OLDB compliant databases and other OData source. This integration helps in developing applications, as listed below.

  • Enterprise search center – content from various applications is crawled by SharePoint and made available within the same search query
  • Reporting and Analytics – Data from disparate systems is combined together to create consolidated reports and analytics
  • Wrapper applications – SharePoint is used to create custom modules that utilizes data from other applications like ERP, CRM etc.
  • Display web-parts – develop web-parts which shows critical information from various applications in a single page
  • Consolidated Dashboards – Collate information regarding customer/vendor/partner in a single page from different applications and modules
  • Create web-based applications for thick client solutions

Trigent's Enterprise Integration Solutions

As a result of SharePoint's wide adoption, most off-the-shelf software products provide out of the box integration with SharePoint. There are ample number of tools available in the market that helps integrate SharePoint with other software products and with commonly used applications like Outlook, Salesforces etc. This helps in interoperability of these solutions and reduces the number of applications a user has to access to perform daily tasks.

  • Support common OLDB compliant databases, web services and OData Source
  • Integration support for reading and writing data
  • Enterprise search center
  • Extension modules and wrapper applications
  • Integrate with commonly used application – Outlook, Salesforce etc.