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Why SharePoint

SharePoint provides limitless capabilities due to its robustness. Many companies have chosen it as it allows for a centralized platform for secure document management, process automation, website, intranets, extranets, collaboration, etc.

SharePoint finds itself the best fit for large organizations and small businesses based on the fact that it can fit any requirements, be it organizational or individual. It can also be integrated with 3rd party and other custom solutions, helping organizations save cost and effort at various levels.

Over the years, SharePoint has provided its users with state-of-the-art security controls and cloud protection. Security fortification has reduced the worries caused due to cyber-attacks and data leaks. SharePoint has also seen a fair share of improvements, and its current features can help developers create interactive and engaging intranet and extranet websites from scratch.

Trigent can assist you with the required resources and skills to quickly adopt SharePoint. Our team uses all of the collaboration and knowledge management features for your specific SharePoint development requirements so that you can focus on things you care about.

Make your portal work for you

Trigent provides a full range of well-structured services for planning, developing, and deploying SharePoint-based solutions. Trigent has years of experience delivering successful SharePoint solutions – starting with WSS 2.0 to SharePoint Office 365. Trigent specializes in building complete solutions such as intranet portals, extranet portals, document management, and workflow systems. Our unique SharePoint development model provides significant cost savings while providing attention and quick responses to client needs.

SharePoint Advantages

  • SharePoint can consolidate documents
  • SharePoint addresses Inefficiencies in communication and collaboration
  • SharePoint helps with secure, hassle-free sharing of information and knowledge
  • SharePoint optimizes operations and team collaboration

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SharePoint consulting

SharePoint Consulting

As a SharePoint consultant, we would be your helping hand in developing, managing and fulfilling the expectations from the platform. Trigent provides a full range of well-structured services to plan, develop and deploy SharePoint-based solutions. Our experts are well versed in the latest SharePoint versions and we can help you assess the feasibility of SharePoint in building complete solutions such as intranet portals, extranet portals, document management, and workflow systems.

SharePoint Consultation can also help you evaluate problems in the existing systems and improve productivity by building collaborative workspaces that are cost-effective in the long run.

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SharePoint consulting overview

Improved ROI
Are your resources spending a lot of time on SharePoint, and expecting ROI? Trigent’s salesforce Consulting services can solve this pain point and get the most out of SharePoint capabilities through our innovation and reduced deployment costs.
Streamlined workflows
Our Trigent’s salesforce Consulting services help you create streamlined workflows that will help you gain noticeable improvements in productivity and processes.
SharePoint development

SharePoint Development

SharePoint development includes several components that can solve the most complex challenges when used in precise combination. Loaded with a spectrum of tools and capabilities, SharePoint can provide the needed agility to build extended features.

Trigent has focused on SharePoint development since early 2000, which has helped us accumulate years of experience, solid skills, and diverse experience in SharePoint and related technologies. With years of experience, we have developed a user-centric SharePoint approach to creating engaging and mobile-friendly sites and add-ins.

Our SharePoint approach offers custom functionality and multiple development options. Leveraging features like site templates, workflows, and lists, we help businesses achieve their objectives for their unique requirements. We also aim to optimally use out-of-the-box features and customizations to reduce SharePoint development time and cost.

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SharePoint solutions

SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint helps create business portals such as Intranet, Customer Portals, Vendor Portals, public Internet sites, Event-related sites, etc. SharePoint allows developers to quickly configure critical features such as user authentication, user authorization, content approval, and taxonomy, reducing overall development efforts. The availability of ready-to-use web parts in SharePoint (calendars, announcements, discussion boards, query web parts, etc.) further reduces the time and effort of building portals.

Trigent can facilitate full cycle sharepoint services and aims at resolving issues at any stage of its lifecycle. Our experts can support you in the journey of continuous evolution while developing, migrating and customizing all under one umbrella.

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SharePoint solutions overview

Experience competency and versatility
We rely on our strong resource pool of MCPD, MCPS certified SharePoint administrators, developers, certified Scrum Masters, project managers, and solution testers. Their cumulative experience and skills ensure seamless functioning of the intranet and SharePoint project management systems, including the addition of new workflow management features.
Reliable support
At Trigent, we understand the value of prioritization and efficiency of business processes. We aim to deliver best-in-class support so that you can focus on the platform to accelerate productivity and growth potential.
Customer-centric approach
Every SharePoint project developed at Trigent keeps business and customer needs in mind. This customer-centric approach is a reflection of the care we have for end-users. We feel that users must benefit from our solutions every day.

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SharePoint online

SharePoint Online

Trigent has a dedicated Technology Practice focusing in Office 365. Our experience in onboarding and delivering Office/ SharePoint 365 based solutions, has helped in accumulating the right skill-set to help your organization make the giant leap in SharePoint Development. We have developed our own proprietary scripts on the SharePoint platform to migrate content over to cloud-based platforms, which significantly reduces the overall project cost.


  • SharePoint enables configuration of Services
  • SharePoint enables easy migration of User Profile
  • Setup of ADFS or SSO
  • SharePoint enables easy Migration of Mailboxes
  • Configuration of Basic Intranet can be done using SharePoint
  • Configuration of Lync Services can be done using SharePoint

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