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Plan, organize, and improve SharePoint adoption within your business

Make your portal work for you

Trigent provides a full range of well-structured services for planning, developing and deploying SharePoint based solutions. Trigent has years of experience delivering successful SharePoint solutions - starting from WSS 2.0 to current Office 365. Trigent specializes in building complete solutions such as the intranet, extranet portals, document management, and workflow systems. Trigent's unique hybrid model of development provides significant cost savings while providing attention and quick responses to our clients' needs.


  • Information silos
  • Inefficiencies in communication and collaboration
  • Absence of secure, hassle-free sharing of information and knowledge
  • Inability to optimize operations and workforce

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SharePoint consulting

Trigent provides a full range of well-structured services to help our clients plan, develop and deploy SharePoint based solutions, starting from WSS 2.0 to current Office 365. Trigent specializes in building complete solutions such as intranet, extranet portals, document management and workflow systems.

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SharePoint development

SharePoint is the most versatile platform ever introduced by Microsoft. The platform includes several components which when used in precise combination can solve most complex challenges. Trigent has focused on SharePoint since early 2000, which has helped us accumulate years of experience, strong skills and diverse experience on SharePoint and related technologies. The ultimate aim should be to optimally use out-of-the-box features, minimize customizations and reduce development time and cost.

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SharePoint solutions

SharePoint is widely used to create business portals such as Intranet, Customer Portals, Vendor Portals, public Internet sites, Event-related sites, etc. Ability to quickly configure critical features such as user authentication, user authorization, content approval, and taxonomy reduces the overall development effort. Along with this, the availability of ready to use web-parts (calendars, announcements, discussion boards, query web-parts, etc.) further reduces the time and effort to build portals.

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SharePoint online

Trigent has a dedicated Technology Practice focusing in Office 365. Our experience in onboarding and delivering Office 365 based solutions, has helped in accumulating the right skill-set to help your organization make the giant leap. We have developed our own proprietary scripts to migrate content over to cloud-based platforms, which significantly reduces the overall project cost.


  • Configuration of Services
  • Migration of User Profile
  • Setup of ADFS or SSO
  • Migration of Mailboxes
  • Configuration of Basic Intranet in SharePoint
  • Configuration of Lync Services

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  • Subscription based model that facilitates reduced spend on IT.
  • Access to various compliance standards that can be leveraged out-of-the-box.
  • Overall improvement in uptime and availability.
  • Seamless roll out of updates at regular intervals.
  • Instant access to documents and files on any device with an internet connection.
  • Easy backup process.

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