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The rapid onset of new technologies, some billed as breakthrough, are altering the business and social landscape. They have the power to alter the way we live and work. Committed to technology innovations since inception, Trigent invests in staying abreast of new technologies by creating centers of innovation with engineers committed to mastering these technologies to help enterprises maximize their benefits.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, changing how work is done and reinforcing the role of people to drive growth in business.

AI Solutions

  • Automated intelligence: Automation of manual/cognitive and routine/non-routine tasks
  • Assisted intelligence: Helping people to perform tasks faster and better
  • Augmented intelligence: Helping people to make better decisions
  • Autonomous intelligence: Automating decision making processes without human intervention


Intelligent automation is a blueprint for competitive advantage. At Trigent we use automation to change the fundamentals of business to add machine capabilities to human intelligence. We empower enterprises to innovate and evolve by increasing speed. We help to reduce the number of systems and simplifies operations. We ensure that automation helps accelerate time to market and encourages enterprises to experiment with innovation.

Big Data

Harnessing Big Data: Changing the way businesses compete and operate

We help clients apply big data solutions to solve real-world business problems by providing custom application development to fit your specific needs. We analyse big data needs to recommend the best technology and development processes for a successful implementation. We give an analysis of each technical and process decisions, so you can make a reliable and informed development plan.


Trigent's engineers use block chain technology to build innovative applications, driving profound, positive changes across enterprises, communities and the society. Using block chain enterprises can supercharge disruptive technologies such as AI and IoT to securely manage supply chains. We offer a host of technology solutions that complement or combine with blockchain to amplify its value.

Cyber Resilience

Trigent helps businesses to remain flexible and responsive to cyber-attacks. Instead of protecting against attacks, we help clients to follow a resilience-based approach to change management. This helps to reduce exposure to attacks and paves the way for learning from incidents to future-proof enterprises against cyber-attacks. We help organizations to adopt new technologies with a thoughtful security strategy in place. Our cyber resilience service starts with identifying the risk factors that a client is exposed to, form a secure protection plan and put it in place. In spite of putting in all the safety measures, if a breach occurs, we work to proactively minimize damages by having the right detection and response policies, processes and technologies in place. We help organizations to move on and learn to protect for the future.


Build a culture and mindset for collaboration

Trigent's DevOps solution accelerates the software delivery process by providing a comprehensive Continuous Delivery environment. It leverages your existing ALM tool investments, uses industry best practices and provides real-time dashboards. It offers a self-service mechanism for Dev - Test provisioning either in cloud or hybrid environment. It can help in improving speed and quality of software delivery, provide constant visibility during the development cycle and reduce operational risks. Trigent's DevOps solutions can support you with automation, tools, and processes for a lean, integrated, predictive and automated process.

DevOps Tools


Transform your industry and disrupt the competition with IoT

We help clients apply IoT Command Control and Coordination systems to solve real-world business problems by detecting and correcting situations in IoT systems leading to undesirable outcomes. We apply small-scale machine learning from simulations to identify high risk scenarios. This learning can then be immediately applied to live IoT device monitoring. We can watch a set of IoT devices "acting normally" using automated unattended learning, and report a need for remediation if the system seems have to defects.

We also use our advanced rules-based technology to train and establish autonomous coordination of a set of inter-communicating IoT devices. We develop smart micro controllers which when downloaded into programmable IoT devices, enables real-time learning, interaction and self-correction.

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