Artificial Intelligence

Reshaping your business with AI

Reshaping your business with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, changing how work is done and reinforcing the role of people to drive growth in business.

AI works in four ways:

  • Automated intelligence: Automation of manual/cognitive and routine/non-routine tasks.
  • Assisted intelligence: Helping people to perform tasks faster and better.
  • Augmented intelligence: Helping people to make better decisions.
  • Autonomous intelligence: Automating decision making processes without human intervention.

AI Operating Model

The adoption of AI invites a new way of thinking about technology, business development and strategic execution. This new approach gives rise to new operating models and decision making processes. And this affects the entire business, rather than just technology and innovation teams.

  • Strategy – Know what you want – stay focused on the business need
  • Design – Identify when and where to apply it
  • Development – Apply the appropriate resources and governance
  • Execution – Integrate with existing enterprise applications

AI Operating Model

How can organizations advance engagement with AI?

Without question, Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for businesses across every industry. In healthcare, AI helps in automating routine and predictable tasks such as appointment scheduling while activities such as e-Consulting and biomedical research would use technology to augment human actions.

In banking, transactions are being driven toward greater efficiency through automation, while greater effectiveness through AI is the goal for activities such as security and identity management. For financial advising and retirement planning, human interaction is essential; nevertheless such activities can be aided by expert systems, automating some tasks and augmenting others.

In transportation and logistics industry, autonomous trucking reduces costs by allowing for increased asset utilisation as 24/7 runtimes are possible, AI provides the potential for enhanced security.

Trigent helps our clients apply AI and Machine Learning to solve real-world business problems by providing custom application development to fit your specific needs.

  • The client uses an expensive application as part of the manufacturing process. Trigent used automated Machine Learning to generate a stand-alone application that can simulate the behavior of the expensive application. This new application was used to answer "what-if questions" in real-time for different scenarios and also used in real-time to guide enterprise applications in production.
  • The client does repeatable process with different outcomes from different starting material. To identify the most important characteristics leading to a desired outcome, Trigent used AI pattern and reasoning technology to evaluate past and current performance data to quickly and clearly identify the most relevant patterns and characteristics leading to a desired outcome. This approach was used to identify which characteristic combinations lead to failure and which combinations improve success.

Our framework embeds intelligence across the entire enterprise, creating new opportunities to innovate, operate and compete.