Big Data

Changing the way businesses compete and operate

Harnessing Big Data: Changing the way businesses compete and operate

Businesses are finding ways to use Big Data insights to stop credit card fraud, anticipating and intervening hardware failures, rerouting traffic to avoid congestion, and guiding consumer spending through real-time interactions and applications.

But despite the hype, businesses struggle to make use of the data they collate due to a huge gap between the theoretical knowledge and actually putting this theory into practice. A few big data problems - data complexity, data silos, inaccurate data, advanced technology and lack of talent.

With a multi-disciplinary approach including Big Data techniques:

  • You can discover trends, predict when they will occur, and possibly change the future occurrences.
  • You can verify correlations between people, places, genes, environment, products, the environment and much more.

Trigent helps our clients apply Big Data solutions to solve real-world business problems by providing custom application development to fit your specific needs:

  • To identify the impact of a set of critical data in a very large highly combinatorics data system, Trigent applied big data and pattern recognition to quickly reduce and identify possible candidates. Then, rank ordered the data candidates revealing the impact of each combination. The results were displayed for quick visual confirmation leading to changes in pricing models in critical situations.
  • Given a large volume of transactions, Trigent used big data and live streaming pattern recognition to identify individual transactions that fit the criteria for identifying fraud. In addition, outcome modelling allows for recognition of potential fraud with previously unknown conditions.

Trigent quickly analyzes your Big Data needs to recommend the best technology and development processes for a successful implementation. We give an analysis of each technical and process decisions, so you can make a reliable and informed development plan. We provides management, consulting, developers and testers to ensure it gets done right.