Data Science and Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to improve business results and manage risk

Take Control of Your Business with Data Science and Analytics

With the help of data science, the deliberate gathering of meaningful data together with the data you already have, can uncover patterns. These patterns allow organizations to stop guessing and clearly see what is going on, see what will likely happen next, and learn what you can do about it.

Data science is transforming the next generation of enterprise governance and decision making at all levels. How much inventory should we carry today to meet future demand? How should we price our items to guarantee future profitability? Which port should we have a shipment depart from and come into in order to de-risk the estimated time of arrival? What products should we recommend to customers to increase the probability of a cross-sell?

The real question for a business that wants to leverage data science is how to use it to make better decisions and improve operations. Trigent applies Data Science and Analytics to solve real-world business problems for our clients and ourselves. Our multi-disciplinary process allows you to:

  • Learn what data matters to a process and what data is less important.
  • Recognize and predict multi-variate outcomes. The desired result seldom boils down to a simple numeric trend.
  • Make truly data-driven decisions through simulation and optimization leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence to give actionable recommendations from the insights provided
  • Identify how to change a given situation to give the desired outcome while avoiding undesirable ones, Trigent applies our own innovative cutting-edge Prescriptive Analytics technology- a value addition tool for decision makers.
  • Visually recognize trends and relationships.