Internet of Things (IoT)

Transform your industry and disrupt the competition with IoT

Transform your industry and disrupt the competition with IoT

Building a single global ecosystem of Things communicating with each other seamlessly is virtually impossible today. How do you automate "things" and, based on the settings and with sophisticated cloud-based processing, make things happen without your intervention?

For the IoT to become a reality, we will need a single universal protocol (think "language") for devices and applications to talk to each other, regardless of how they are physically connected. And, for those applications to connect with and leverage the Internet they must first become "smart" (incorporate an MCU/embedded processor with an associated unique ID) then connected and, finally, controlled. Those capabilities can then enable a new class of services.

While there are literally hundreds of applications being considered and identified by different industries, they can be categorized as:

  • One that encompasses the idea of millions of heterogeneous "aware" and interconnected devices with unique IDs interacting with other machines/objects, infrastructure, and the physical environment. In this category, the IoT largely plays a remote track, command, control and route (TCC&R) role.
  • One that's all about leveraging the data that gets collected by the end nodes (smart devices with sensing and connectivity capability) and data mining for trends and behaviors that can generate useful marketing information to create additional commerce.

Trigent helps our clients apply IoT Command Control and Coordination systems to solve real-world business problems.

  • Trigent's Command Control and Coordination technology is used to detect and correct situations in IoT systems leading to undesirable outcomes.
  • To detect potential error situations in a set of IoT devices, Trigent applies small-scale machine learning from simulations to identify high risk scenarios. This learning can then be immediately applied to live IoT device monitoring.
  • Trigent can watch a set of IoT devices "acting normally" using automated unattended learning, and report a need for remediation if the system seems have to defects. Information identifying the specific variation from "normal" behavior can also be included.
  • Trigent uses our advanced rules-based technology to:
    • Train and establish autonomous coordination of a set of inter-communicating IoT devices.
    • Develop smart micro controllers which when downloaded into programmable IoT devices, enables real-time learning, interaction and self-correction.