Hardware Support

Our Experts provide Cost Effective iSeries Hardware support to ensure High Performance and Business Continuity

iSeries Hardware Support Services

Trigent provides iSeries hardware support services from its offshore development centers across the globe. Our team manages complex information technology infrastructure while achieving performance, security and lower cost for our customers. Our resources are certified and well versed in advanced technologies to deliver, manage & safeguard multifaceted IT infrastructure of the clients so that they can increase their operational efficiency and achieve better ROI.

iSeries Hardware Support Services

System Administration and Operation

  • DB2/400 database administration
  • Automation of procedures for unattended operations
  • Automated pro-active monitoring - via SMS, E-Mail
  • Disk space management and reporting
  • Job management and reporting
  • Backup Management
  • Set up of third party system management tools
  • Delivery against 24X7 SLAs

Setup, Migrate AS/400 environments

  • Sizing, configuring and HW/SW upgrade of AS/400s
  • Creating partitions on AS/400 including Linux partitions
  • Set up new AS/400s and applications
  • Set up integrated Windows servers on AS/400
  • AS/400 centric integration -system, network, database
  • Setup HMC (Hardware Management Console)
  • Data migration
  • Server relocation

Operating System Maintenance

  • Operating System upgrades
  • Cumulative/Group/Hiper PTFs
  • HMC, Firmware PTFs and upgrades

Disaster Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery services for AS/400s
  • Cold - subscription service
  • Warm - automated restores from latest backups
  • Hot - using third party replication tools
  • Create Disaster Recovery plan and procedures
  • Business continuity
  • High Availability
  • Disaster Recovery testing
  • DR test plan
  • DR test time line of activities
  • Actual DR test

Performance Tuning and Capacity planning

  • Set up performance data collection
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual performance reports
  • Annual, ad-hoc capacity report
  • Setup Subsystems
  • Setup private, shared memory pools
  • ODBC workload isolation

Application Administration

  • ICBS, Debt Manager, administration
  • Third party application interface administration
  • Development/testing environment setup
  • Multiple copies of databases
  • Data extraction/query
  • Procedures as per customer needs