iSeries Migration Services

We manage our Clients Mission-Critical Applications helping them focus on Strategic Business Goals

iSeries Application Migration Services

Trigent skilled iSeries team helps our customer migrating legacy AS400 application systems to latest application system with no down time and improved efficiency. We have a good track record on migration projects that dealt with cross technology milestones viz., JAVA, C, .Net and Web services.

Our capabilities include:

  • HLL migration(RPG-logic cycle, II,III, ILE, COBOL, PASCAL400) for modernization
  • Legacy system conversion
  • Automatic legacy transformation
  • Legacy data migration
  • Converts stateless business rule components from the RPG into 3rd party software Migration
  • Perform legacy database migration - DDS to SQL conversions
  • Modernize AS400 RPG and COBOL to other platform sources

How we do:

  • Transform RPG programs, CL and data to working API objects. This iSeries migration or transformation provides a foundation that can be used extend valuable business logic to support Web servers and application servers.
  • Integrate iSeries business logic to the web, desktop and enterprise using a service model that employs SOAP, .NET and XML in an easy scripting tools.
  • iSeries Migration solution is for companies with existing RPG applications that won't be migrating to Latest technology.
  • Integrate iSeries data and business logic to the web, desktop and enterprise.
  • iSeries Migration tutoring system will be provided before and after the transformation to help RPG development teams migrate their skills to migrated technology.
  • Web facing Support for client-side HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

Steps to prepare migration:

Steps to prepare migration


  • Reduced costs on the existing legacy system
  • Satisfied clients with enhanced features where iSeries cannot afford to.. E.g.: Multi-platform compatibility and auto-synchronisation.
  • iSeries technology is where staffs to support the application is reducing.
  • By doing integration or migration the users get additional benefits from Java or .Net
  • Enhance applications performance
  • Integrate AS/400 with other enterprise systems
  • Minimize investments for more effective technology