Enterprise Java Applications

We help organizations design, develop and deploy enterprise class Java applications at reduced costs while still ensuring greater speed, security and reliability.

Trigent builds enterprise Java applications for Fortune 100 companies, medium sized businesses and software product companies.

Scalable Solutions

Scalability, reliability, low cost of ownership and maintenance are the hallmark of our enterprise Java development projects.

Risk Management

We have also perfected processes for failsafe cutovers during new releases for any mission critical deployments. Using a continuous build, test and deploy process we progressively work towards reducing risk and downtime for our customers throughout the development cycle.

Development Automation

We use frameworks and code generation tools wherever possible to reduce development effort and automate code generation. This reduces development cost and time and effort required for making changes to the application.

Experiences in architecting and building mission critical Java Enterprise Edition applications

We build Java applications for complex mission critical environments. Some examples are listed below.

  • For a top human resource consulting company, Trigent's solution enabled the client's Medical Child Support Order processing time to drop from 10 days to a few hours. The solution offered:
    • Automation of complex employee eligibility calculations, with multiple layers of intervention.
    • Flexibility to support a variety of workflows for order management.
    • Reduced manual process and processing time.
    • Automated order initiation process with Optical Character Recognition OCR process.
    • Business intelligence for senior management to balance workload and tasks for a large number service agent users.
    • Dashboard and reporting system to manage cyclical peak loads with user-friendly reporting formats.
    The user-centric system can accommodate ten-fold increase in users as the business grows even as service agents' productivity has increased by 400 percent.
  • Trigent has built integrated systems for a leading auction technology provider. The onsite auction display management systems are designed to standardize external interfaces with customers and provide a complete set of services that deal with the asset disposition process. This has provided the customer with the ability to manage events, users, and inventory through the disposition process with emphasis on the customer managing the process. The disposition system is used by customers from various verticals such as real estate, automotive, construction and heavy equipment, livestock etc.
    As a result of Trigent's technology:
    • The Auction system enabled Customer to conduct 16,700+ auctions across many industries in 10 different languages last year.
    • In automobile industry alone over 1.7 million vehicles were auctioned last year across 6000 events.
  • Trigent built a product configuration management system to meet mission critical requirements of a large truck manufacturer that has a need to manage over a million configuration rules and process thousands of orders per day to be manufactured in multiple plants. Features of this application are:
    • Application is fault tolerant
    • Business users can make changes to the applications without the knowledge of Java
    • TCO is drastically reduced by the use of Code Generation tools and Trigent's own Rapid Application Development Framework called Spectrum
    • In addition to developing the system, Trigent also supports and maintains the production environment.
  • We have revamped the supply chain and order forecasting system for a leading shoes and accessories retailer. The application controls the production of millions of shoes and is used by 50 merchandising users to accurately forecast demand from about 250 stores, 3 major retail chains and web channel to control and moderate the production at 8 manufacturing facilities across the globe.