Proprietary Technologies

We use State-of-the-Art Technologies coupled with best Coding Standards to increase Productivity and Quality of the Applications

Trigent Proprietary Technologies

  • Rules-based Systems: Trigent employs rules-based technologies, including our patent-pending rules engine, to automate complex business processes and facilitate the management of business change.
  • Mobile Server Technology: The Trigent Mobile Enterprise Server, currently deployed in the mSports product, enables distribution of applications via the Internet and on a wide range of mobile devices, including cell phones and PDAs.
  • Development Automation Technology: Part of Trigent's Core Foundation Technologies, Coradigm automates the generation of application code for all tiers and client APIs, allowing us to compress development cycles significantly.
  • Intelligent Search Technology: Trigent's search technology harvests information from a variety of sources and enables rapid searching across individually customized categories and parameters.

Partners: Our alliance with established and emerging technology leaders ensures that we have the expert resources needed to meet specific development and integration requirements.

Where appropriate, Trigent employs development frameworks to promote adherence to best practices and reduce development cycles. We use a variety of best-in-class design tools for modeling and testing enterprise-level software applications, including Rational Rose and the McCabe & Associates product suite.